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ISIS Jihadist-Mercenaries Surprising Attack:
Occupied by Foreign Backed Terrorists the Syrian Natural Gas Field of Sha’er

ISIS controls the natural gas field in Al-Sha’er, the largest in Syria: at least 90 victims following the attack of the mercenary gangs and more than 300 men (civilian and military) taken hostage.

On Wednesday, the well-known ISIS (Islamic state in Iraq and Syria), launched a surprise offensive, a night attack on the gas field of al-Sha’er, the largest plant for the production of gas in Syria, in central region, on the road to Palmyra, Homs Province.

Were working about 1,000 workers in the plant, and in the assault of ISIS night at least 90 people out of 400 were present, have lost their lives, including workers, soldiers and members of the national defense forces, while at least 275 people have been taken hostage by ISIS.

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Sources close to the militants said that many of the victims were executed by the terrorists of ‘ISIS immediately after taking control of the plant, near the city of Palmyra to the east of Homs.

21 ISIS jihadist mercenaries were also killed in the offensive.

There was first a suicide attack and in same time eight checkpoints have been targeted by heavy artillery before taking over the gas field.

Homs governor Talal Barazi also confirmed the attack.

Local sources have indicated that violent clashes and battles took place in the vicinity of the reservoir, by the Syrian army in an attempt to repel the surprise attack of the mercenaries ISIS.

Syrian military sources claimed that the Syrian Armed Forces are mobilizing to counter-attack and to restore possession and safety in the field.


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