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israeli navy fire pal fishermen

Israeli warships opened fire off Rafah shores southern Gaza Strip in total violation of the 3-day humanitarian ceasefire.

Eyewitnesses told Quds Press that a number of Israeli warships approached from the shores and opened fire at fishermen and civilian homes. No injuries were reported.

The Israeli attack came in flagrant violation of the 72-hour ceasefire reached oat midnight on Monday between Israeli forces and Palestinian resistance.

The Israeli security cabinet canceled its meeting scheduled to be held Tuesday evening to discuss Israeli response regarding the Palestinian demands presented during the Cairo talks.

A senior Israeli official had earlier declared that no improvement was achieved in the Cairo talks so far, saying that the gap between both sides was still deep.

Palestinian demands to agree on a durable ceasefire include the creation of a seaport and an airport in Gaza Strip, while Israelis demand the disarmament of Palestinian resistance.

The entire civilian infrastructure in the blockaded territory has been battered during weeks of the Israeli offensive.

Thanks to a three-day truce between the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas and Israel, which took effect at 21:00 GMT on Sunday, the residents of the Gaza Strip have been given the opportunity to return to their homes and check the damage caused by the Israeli military strikes.

“The scale of destruction is very extreme. Many Palestinians were martyred here. The infrastructure has been totally destroyed. We have been under direct bombardment by Israel. Our children have been killed,” a Palestinian man told Press TV.

“As you can see, due to the ongoing violence, we have become displaced in Gaza and have taken refuge at UN-run schools. Our houses were destroyed by Israeli shelling. Nearly forty people, including women, children and old people, were killed in this area,” another Palestinian man said.

“It was in the holy month of Ramadan that Israel began pounding Gaza. The bombardment was so hard that we couldn’t get out of our homes. We could neither eat, nor rest. The streets were full of dead bodies. Now, because of the ceasefire, we can take refuge at schools. But, there are no facilities here. I am a woman and a mother of several children. Why should we be displaced?” a Palestinian woman told Press TV.

Palestinian and Israeli officials are currently involved in indirect talks in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, to extend the truce between the two sides.

More than 1,940 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have lost their lives and nearly 10,000 have been wounded in the Israeli military attacks.

Hamas says more than 150 Israelis have also been killed in the conflict.


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