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US Attorney General Eric Holder should order the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu if he shows up to address Congress next month, American politician Jim Condit Jr. says.

Hours after US President Barack Obama threatened to veto any Iran sanctions bill during his State of the Union address on Tuesday, US House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner invited Netanyahu to Congress to speak about the so-called threat from Iran.

Condit Jr., who ran against Boehner in Cincinnati, Ohio, said that the invitation is “another slap in the face to the American people whether the American people realize it or not.”

“This was clearly done because Obama said last night that he would veto any sanctions Iran,” he added.

The invitation to Netanyahu to address Congress, extended without having consultations with the White House and the State Department, is a sharp rebuke to Obama, who asked the new Republican-dominated Congress to stay out of negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program.

“Netanyahu is being treated as if he is the president of the United States. We need him to come and straighten up the country by addressing Congress,” Condit Jr. wondered.

He went on to say that “this is a landmark bootlicking event by John Boehner, the House speaker, where they are again selling the interests of the United States to kowtow this very powerful organized Jewish lobby and Israel.”

“The best thing that could happen if Netanyahu shows up to give speech before Congress is if the attorney general of the United States, together with other countries, would arrest Netanyahu and send him off to The Hague to stand trial for crimes against humanity, the crimes he did against the Palestinian people over his ten years in office,” he stated.

“Enough is enough. At some point, there got to be some justice here,” he added.

SOURCE: full story at Press TV Reports


Although not a big fan of the BBC, in 2001 they did a program on Israels “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” The following is the show in its entirety.

If you have the time to watch, its well worth it to know the truth behind Israels Dimona Nuclear Facility, their chemical and biological weapons plants, and the entire cover up. The story was exposed by a man, Mordechai Vanunu, who worked there, smuggled out photographs, and paid a high price.








Perhaps while Israel is visiting the United States, “Proliferation Experts” (who list Israel of having the 6th largest nuclear arsenal of nuclear weapons in the world), would like to ask if there is a reason why Israel can manufacture biological, chemical and nuclear weapons without their facilities EVER being inspected. No one is allowed in, or even to fly over them to take pictures.

According to whistleblower Israeli Mordechai Vanunu (who gained employment for the manufacturing facility), Israel has nearly 200 atomic bombs, neutron bombs, thermonuclear weapons from small tactical nuclear weapons, nuclear land mines, medium range nuclear missiles (capable of being fired from air, land and sea). Experts say Israel has the ability and enough weapons to completely destroy the ENTIRE Middle East.

Mordechai Vanunu was smuggled to England to meet the Sunday Times with over 60 photographs to expose the facility to the world. He met a female who convinced him to flee to Rome with her. At the orders of former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres, Mordechai was beaten, drugged, kidnapped by Israeli Mossad and brought back to Israel to stand trial (still considered top secret), where he was sentenced to 18 years for treason and espionage.

Most Israelis consider their weapons of mass destruction to be a “justifiable deterrent.”Scientist Uzi Even worked in the Dimona facility from 1962 to 1968. He claimed those working on “the bomb” were building Israels “final insurance policy.”

In the 1950s, Shimon Peres made a secret deal with the French to buy a nuclear reactor like theirs. While the Dimona facility was going up, Intelligence reports reached Washington DC that Israel was building an atom bomb. Israel made claims that Dimona was for “peaceful purposes only.” Ben Gurion was summoned to Washington. President Kennedy feared an arms race in the Middle East, and demanded inspections.

In 1961, when inspectors were finally allowed to visit the facility, they were tricked. They were shown a “fake” control room on the ground floor, but were NOT shown the 6 floors beneath it, nor were they even aware of them. This is where the plutonium was being made. Israel was very proud they had FOOLED the Americans. After Kennedy’s assassination, the pressure was off Israel. America’s next president, Lyndon Johnson turned a blind eye to Israeli action.

In 1969, Golda Meir struck a deal with then president Richard Nixon (which has been renewed by every US president since to this day), that Israels nuclear program could continue so long as it was never made public. Its called nuclear “ambiguity” (another word for deception).

Today, Israel is an “inspection free zone,” protected by America and her allies. Imagery cannot be taken from certain heights, even by American satellites of this facility. This only applies to images of Israel. Dimona is under the power of the prime minister only. Out of reach of parliament or public scrutiny. Scientist Uzi Even agrees this facility should have a “outside watchdog.” He admits there are thousands of people working there, and admits it needs inspections being it is over 40 years old. (Longer than most reactors remain open).

In video 3, threats are exposed. Israel is exposed as a NON democratic country as it claims. Secrets of this old reactor are beginning to leak. Evidence has seeped out of accidents, lies and deceit. Over 100 workers of the facility have been confirmed to have cancer, and have reported fires, spills and explosions of toxic gas. One, a former Holocaust survivor, worked at the sight, and now has cancer. The workers are not allowed compensation or to fight for their rights because they were “bound to secrecy.” Their claims are being ignored. A doctor and 2 lawyers back their story. Many have already died. The Secret Service has threatened former workers, and has silenced them completely.

In Israel today, and invisible power enforces the “code of silence” through fear. Israeli Brigadier General Yitzhak “Yicha” Yaakov told his lifes story of a soldier and a scientist to journalist Ronen Bergman. For years, he had led Israels secret weapons development. Ronen Bergman, who writes for “Yediot Ahronot” showed his article, as all Israelis must, to the censor. It went straight to Horev – who sent in the heavies. Yitzhak was secretly arrested, and charged with treason. Two years of jail, heart disease, bankruptcy and house arrest. He was disgraced publicly.

In 2001, an Israeli Arab Issam Makhoul, broke the taboo in parliament. He accused the Israeli government of “turning a small country into a poisonous nuclear waste bin. The entire world knows that Israel is a vast nuclear, biological… and chemical warehouse that is used as an anchor… for the nuclear arms race in the middle east.” He outraged his colleagues, and was not allowed to finish his speech, but he had made his point.

“Why are the Americans looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? I can tell them where there are weapons of mass destruction… including nuclear weapons. They are in Dimona, in Haifa Bay in the Eilabun mountain… and in the area of Sakneen, Yolfhata. Let them send their inspectors to me… and I will lead them by the hand and show them,” Issam says.

Israel now tests its newly developed chemical weapons on those in Gaza, as they did in 2001, that caused severe convulsions. Dr Mohammed Salama, Director, Palestinian Health Ministry had this to say, “We asked, what kind of gas? But nobody verified for us the type of gas to give the antidote at that moment. Also we don’t know how to check, how to examine, how to send this. We are in occupied area. We are surrounded. It is impossible to send these samples to international lab to test.”



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