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A barrage of rockets and mortars fired by terrorists which poured down on various residential neighborhoods in the city of Damascus on Sunday has left three civilians dead, with the army responding by striking the sources of the attacks.

More than 30 civilians have so far been reported injured, some of them critically, by the attacks, which took place in the areas of al-Shahbandar Square in al-Mazra’a neighborhood, in the surrounding of Arnous Square, Mazzeh, al-Abed Street, al-Midan, al-Fahhameh, al-Rawda, Baghdad Street, al-Abbasiyeen area, Rukn Eddin, opposite the Higher Educaiton Ministry, and near Al-Fayhaa Sports Complex, according to the Police Command.

The Police Command said one woman was killed after being hit with shrapnel from a shell. She was rushed to the French Hospital, but she succumbed to her wounds.

Another woman was killed and three were injured when a shell hit a house in Oush al-Warwar neighborhood, while a source at Al-Muwasat Hospital said that 12 people injured by the attacks arrived to the hospital, and one of them succumbed to his wounds. 18 more injured civilians arrived at Damascus Hospital, and 6 were admitted to the Red Crescent Hospital.

More mortars and rockets hit the areas of Mazzeh 86, around Damascus University’s dormitory, Kafersousa, al-Midan, al-Fahameh, al-Rawdeh, Baghdad Street, al-Abbasiyeen, around the Higher Education Ministry building and near al-Faihaa Sports Hall, causing material damage in the sites where they landed.

In response to the attacks, units of the army pounded several of dens for the takfiri terrorist organizations positioned in Eastern Ghouta from which the shells are being fired on the capital, according to a military source.

Similar attacks took place yesterday in al-Zablatani area and al-Qusour and al-Amara neighborhoods in Damascus city, claiming three civilian lives and injuring 12 others.

In the same context, a fresh rocket attack was launched by terrorists against al-Ashrafiyeh neighborhood in the city of Aleppo, northern Syria, leaving 3 civilians dead.

The attack, which included firing several rocket shells on the neighborhood, also resulted in causing injury to 11 other civilians, in addition to material damage to houses and shops.

According to a source in Aleppo province, the terrorists who fired the rockets are stationed in Bani aid neighborhood.

Different neighborhoods in Aleppo city have been target of repeated mortar and rocket attacks by terrorists,
claiming many civilian lives.

Three civilians were killed and nine others were injured when terrorists fired two rockets on Sunday on the neighborhoods of the coastal city of Lattakia.

A source at the province told SANA that one rocket landed in a house’s garden in the area of savings housing project, while the other one landed near Haron roundabout, resulting in the death of three civilians and injuring nine others including a girl.

The attack caused huge material damage on private properties possessions and cars in the area.

One Civilian was killed and five others when injured in terrorist attacks in al-Zabadani and Harasta areas in Damascus Countryside.

A source at the Police Command told SANA that terrorist snipers lurking in the plain near the town of Madaya east of al-Zabadani opened fire on passersby on the highway between Damascus and al-Zabadani, claiming the life of one civilian and injuring two others.

The source also said that a mortar round fired by terrorists fell near the Water Resources building on the Harasta highway, injuring three civilians.

Terrorists also fired 14 shells at Harasta suburb, with the shells landing on blocks B1 and B2 and causing massive damage to houses, shops, and cars, but no injuries were reported.




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