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US-led coalition aircrafts bombed a children’s hospital on the pretext that it was the headquarters of Daesh.

Dozens of children who were at that moment in the hospital have been killed.

According to local news agencies, the air operations of the international coalition in Iraq and Syria have targeted a neonatal hospital in the village of al-Boukamal, in the governorate of Deir Ezzor, East Syria.

Activists of the so called ‘Syrian opposition’, always ready to fuel the Zionist-American propaganda of war against Syria and its people, to cover up the crime committed by their backers were quick to declare that the bombing against the hospital was carried out by the Syrian Army on the orders of President al-Assad. Dozens of witnesses and photos show, however, the opposite.

Moreover, government forces are advancing and getting huge success throughout many areas of the country, also in the province of Deir-Ezzor, where terrorist gangs are suffering heavy losses and are being decimated by the day.

And maybe it’s just this the reason of the bombing by the ‘US-led coalition’: remove a little of Syrians since birth (so they do also the Zionists with the Palestinians), and in the meantime create some problem to the authorities of Damascus, to slow down the Syrian Armed Forces.

A large number of photos and reports discredit the US-led coalition’, intercepted to unload arms, ammunition and supplies into the hands of ISISDaesh, and to bomb locations of the Iraqi army and popular forces of resistance.

The ‘US-led coalition’ carefully avoiding to bomb military convoys of Daesh crossing the desert areas between Syria and Iraq, while is very active to target civilian objects, or rather Syrian infrastructure, as this hospital for maternity in the province of Deir Ezzor as well as the Syrian oil sites, silos for storage of grain or other social services of importance to the population, forcing their displacement.

This is the true face of American policy for the Middle East, these are the real goals of the coalition and of the agreements between U.S., Turkey, Saudi






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IRIB (Fra.), 23/3/2015
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