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Lattakia ~ “The Syrian army and leadership are determined not to cede any inch of land in the war against terrorists”, information minister Omran al-Zoubi said.

In an open political meeting at al-Bassel Stadium in Tishreen University, the minister said that political solution should pass through a political track with powers and parties, not with people who are bearing arms against the government, indicating that only states have the right to bear arms for enforcing law and preserving internal security.

He added that Syria’s political and economic system, strong army and independent decision vexes its enemies, indicating that attacks against its infrastructure and economic and military institutions serve Israel.

The minister said it is important not to stop dialogue and to respect the others’ views, considering that “the political discourse of some opposition figures reflects no one’s vision of Syria’s future.”


He said that armed terrorist organizations are “too coward to face the Syrian state and army in a real confrontation.” That’s why they fall back on malice and fabrications as part of psychological warfare”, he added, referring to terrorist organizations.

Commenting on the second round of Moscow consultative meeting, the minister said that it was “a positive step” where a paper of ten items was reached, indicating that the one related to fighting terrorism was a sticking point because he said some sides dodged a forthright discussion of it.

The minster highly valued the sacrifices of martyrs for preserving the dignity of the homeland, affirming that Syrian government, despite of colossal conspiracy and economic challenges it faces is performing its duties towards the families of martyrs, injured and abducted civilians which is a national, legal, religious and moral duty.

In remarks about a UN resolution that imposed an arms embargo on Yemen’s Ansarullah political group, the minister said that it was meant “to save the face of the regime of Al Saud which is too coward to invade Yemen.”

The minister warned again of tendentious allegations which aim to harm the Syrians’ morale, pointing out that news about the situation in Aleppo city are groundless and the Syrian national media is reporting on events objectively.

Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi had denied on Tuesday media allegations on evacuating state institutions in Aleppo city.

The minister, who touched on the situation in Yarmouk refugee camp, said that there is no decision by the Syrian government to enter the camp to head off attempts by the countries involved in the conspiracy against Syria to exploit the Palestinian issue.

The minister clarified that government will provide all necessary requirements for Syrians and Palestinians who left the camp and those who will leave it.

Role of Journalists important to shed light on corruption

In a relevant context, Minister al-Zoubi said the role of journalists is very important to shed light on corruption and monitor the performance public institutions according to objective criterion which puts the general interest as a basic goal for it.

The Minister, meeting journalists of Lattakia and Tatrous coastal cities, said the media centers are very essential due to the nature of work and the events to which Syria passes through.

He also stressed the important task of other media outlets, including local newspapers, TV and radio in addition to SANA to have a full coverage of the events, civil and official activities.


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