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Raped repeatedly as a youngster by male members of the Saudi clan of apes, ‘Aadil Al-Jubayr has turned out to be one of the Kingdom’s most trusted advocates and “ghulaams” often publicly demonstrating his ability to move his eyes in opposite directions a la Marty Feldman.  Al-Jubayr used to head the Saudi Embassy in Washington where he constantly tried the patience of the State Department’s Security Service as he frequented several bathhouses and leather bars in Crystal City.  He is now the new Saudi Foreign Minister in charge of ranting and raving about how his country is going to send troops to Syria.  The secret is that the Saudis have no troops to send.  The other secret is that whatever troops they may have are either foreign or anti-Saudi. 

Ahmet Davutoghlu

The Turkish Prime Minister, a dwarf alemanophile by the name of Davutoghlu, has warned the Kurdish Defense Forces to cease and desist in their effort to expand out of the Mannagh Air Force Base toward the crucial city of A’zaaz so close to the Turk border.  He warned that the Turkish military would annihilate the airbase if the Kurds did not relinquish it immediately to its rightful owners: the Nusra/Alqaeda freaks.  The Saudis, acting in concert with the Turk regime, have started to heat the air with mind-numbing pronouncements about their intentions to join any American-led coalition to attack ISIS.   In truth, the Saudis, frustrated by American inaction, have decided to take the matter of Dr. Assad’s ouster in their own miserable, simian hands.  And so, we arrive at these strange questions:

  • 1.  Do the Saudis have the ground forces to invade Syria?  Answer:  If the Saudi government needed foreign troops from the Sudan, Egypt,  Jordan, Morocco  and Sierra Leone to fight their disastrous war in Yemen,  how could they have sufficient forces to fight in Syria?  The answer is the Saudi Arabian military is a joke whose history has been played out for decades by a clan of apes driven by a lust for squandering the wealth of their country and hiding embezzled public funds in banks all over the Western World, especially in Britain.  In one military deal after another, all that has taken place is the transfer of monies to British banks purportedly to buy aircraft and tanks.  But, like Patton’s phantom army, it was nothing more than a ruse.
  • 2.  Do the Saudis have the military experience to run a war against an army as powerful as the Syrian Army with its allies in Russia, Iran, Hizbollah and a variety of other militias all committed to the obliteration of the Saudi monkey state?  That answer is a definite “no”.  The Saudis have never fought any war and have no officers who have participated in combat.  With the exception of the staged participation of some Saudi Prince in the first Gulf War in which he supposedly flew an F-14 over Iraq, nobody in Arabia knows one thing about modern warfare, their most sterling talents being reserved for “ghazias”, raids, really, to steal other people’s sheep, goats and women.  Hence, the presence of British contractors/”experts” whose own histories are replete with failure and disgrace.
  • 3.  Can the Saudis count on their army to carry out the policies of the regime in Riyaadh?  That answer is a qualified “no”.  No one can dispute the fact that the people of Arabia despise the regime.  The proof is in the stultifying oppression of the security services.  It can be said axiomatically that the more a regime is hated, the more it becomes paranoid and hostile to its own population.  Quod erat demonstrandum.  Saudi Arabia is ranked as the most oppressive and tyrannical in the world – and why is that?  So, it is this writer’s belief, that the Saudi army, if it really exists, will shirk every responsibility and ignore all manner of discipline in an effort to serve up the kind of failure that guarantees the collapse of the source of oppression.  And, a fortiori,  mercenaries are even more likely to jump ship.
  • 4.  Can the Saudis really fight ISIS?  No way.  ISIS is the ideological twin of the Wahhabist Saudi Arabia.  The Saudis are short on friends they can count on and ISIS is one of the few left on this earth which has no interest in the kind of public relations devoted to the proposition that human beings have an inherent value.  ISIS is the ideal ally for Saudi Arabia.  Besides lopping off people’s heads, using women as spoils of war, tormenting minority groups, practicing rampant debauchery, all the while tossing alleged homosexuals from the tops of buildings, burning captured pilots alive in cages, firing anti-tank missiles at captives, and a whole list of audacious acts of pure savagery (all done in the name of a “true” Islam), ISIS shares each and every tenet and doctrine with the Saudi monkeys as though they were one and the same.  For the Saudis, it would be suicide to eliminate ISIS.
  • 5.  Can the Saudis hope that their phantom army can enter Syria without a response from Damascus?  Hardly.  An actual foreign advance into the country by an enemy as mephitic as the Saudi one would trigger a response, not from Dr. Assad, but, from the Ayatollah Khamenei himself.  Iran has a real bone to pick with KSA.  Nothing would please Teheran more that to have Damascus invoke the mutual defense treaty between the 2 countries so that Iranian missiles will rain down on Riyaadh and atomize the mutant monkeys with their DNA.  That is not to even mention the Russian response which would be legalistic, yet,  devastating.
  • 6.  One would think that with such a big and bad army, the Saudis would have already made short work of the poor Yemenis.  Yet, as they enter their 10th month of mainly dropping bombs on Yemeni wedding parties and funerals, they, the Saudis, are fighting for their lives in ‘Aseer and Jeezaan.  What a great army!
  • 7.  Do the Saudis have the money to finance another war in Syria?  The answer is the Saudis are broke.  Don’t believe the puerile British folderol about how well-heeled the Saudi government really is.  It’s not,  really.  Besides cutting all foreign stipends,  grounding their students, postponing indefinitely the national health care plan, sinking the price of oil on the markets, spending billions on bombing helpless, but, resilient Yemenis, the Saudis have started to suffer a massive depletion of their most important asset: Saudis.  That’s right, folks, members of the Saudi clan are abandoning ship and leaving for Europe to sit out the disaster they know is coming.  Just yesterday, former chief of Syria’s General Intelligence Service-Internal Branch and former Syrian ambassador to Amman, Bahjaat Sulaymaan, warned that the Syrian Army was planning a paratrooper assault on Riyaadh with 10,000 soldiers whose aim is nothing more, and nothing less,  than the extirpation of the entire Saudi line still left in old Arabia.
  • 8.  Can the Saudis continue this charade?  Maybe. For a short time, anyways.  We just heard that Qatar has thrown in its glove with that of KSA – the Qataris are going to send “troops” to Syria if the Saudis ask for such assistance.  Well, of course they’ll ask for any assistance they can get.  The Qataris now have to explain how a country with aspirations to host the 2022 World Cup, despite the absence of a national team, not to mention the greater popularity in Doha of camel racing, can justify bringing in thousands of fans from around the world to be roasted alive in its normally 120 F degree daily temperature.  Oh, they’ll explain that; but how will they explain the curious absence of the Qatari Army whose only contingent is now avoiding Yemeni ballistic missiles.
  • 9.  The Western Press is touting the presence of 150,000 troops in Saudi Arabia on the Iraqi border.  Iraq is monitoring these strange movements.  The Iraqis have sent troops to face off with the “huge” army of Jordanians, Egyptians, Sudanese and Pakistanis.  Gee.  What will these troops do when the Russian air force begins shellacking them from the air?  What will they do when cruise missiles start pouring down on them?  Will they stand and fight for the Guardian of the Two Holy Shrines?   Or will they pack up and leave for a Cold One in Alexandria?  We think the latter is the more likely.
  • 10.  What will save Saudi Arabia from the humiliating consequence of its open policy of braggadocio?  The best thing would be for the U.S. to tell them to keep their tinny and tiny army at home or for Russia to tell them that a missile has been programmed to land on King Salman’s Sanatorium in Riyaadh.  That alone should be enough to spare us the delight of another surreal farce scripted by Ionesco.  Sadly, the U.S. is deeply embroiled in the planning and will support the Saudi apes.



“What me Worry?”  This is the Turkish version of the immortal Mad Magazine mascot: Alfred E. Neuman.  In truth, his name is much harder to pronounce.  He is, Ahmet Davutoghlu, the Turk Prime Minister and resident midget.  He is also a war criminal. 


The Turks are scratching their left palms in the hope the Saudis will come through with that big gift that’ll save Turkey from the grinding poverty into which it is headed thanks to the lame-brained policies of its president, the Sultan of Scat, Recep Tayyip Erdoghan.  The Turks, who have been the most beneficial to ISIS by permitting them to scamper across their border with both Syria and Iraq, and who have been the most eager to purchase purloined petroleum products from both nations, are now up to their necks in blood.  Anxious to blunt a Kurdish advance on their borders, the Turks are starting to play their last trump card.  And what is that?, you ask.  Why the trump card is NATO.  What else could it be?

Unlike the Saudis who have nothing but potential money, the Turks have a real army,  but, it’s an army which has almost never won any wars.  Whether it’s in Korea or in the south of the country, the Turkish military has been largely lackluster in every confrontation.  They have a reputation for ferocity in battle, but, that’s only because they mutilate their captives often slicing off their ears or scrotums as mementos or for light conversation.  In the area of tactics and planning, the Turks are a mediocrity.  Their military is wanting in several areas such as air defense (that’s why the NATO countries had to send the Patriot batteries), and air power.  The fact is, the Turk military is a shadow of its former self.  That doesn’t stop the Turks from believing their own lies about their prowess.  Now, add to that the fact that hundreds of thousands of Turks, actually millions, are members of the Alevi crypto-Shi’i sect or are Arabic-speaking Alawis, the same offshoot of Shi’ism to which Dr. Assad nominally belongs;  or are Kurds, and you have a potential schism building up within the armed forces.  This one factor, more than any other, is going to bring down the Turkish state.  We guarantee it.

  • 1.  What can Turkey do to stop the advance of the Kurdish forces to the Turk border?  Answer:  Fire occasionally at the Kurds and, sometimes, at the SAA.  But, there will be no invasion because Russia will go to war over this issue.  Russia will tolerate, however, minor transgressions.
  • 2.   What about the Turk enclave inside Syria?  The Turk government has been recorded again discussing a provocation to justify an intervention.  Hakan Fidan, the Fu Manchu-like chief of the MIT, was caught on tape declaring his ability to arrange some attack on the sanctuary in Syria where the grandfather of the founder of the Turkish Ottoman empire, Sulaymaan Shaah,  lies in state.  The tomb is guarded by a platoon of Turk soldiers whose deaths could be conveniently arranged for a casus belli.
  • Answer: If the plan is to snooker NATO into backing the entire affair, it is clear NATO will not view an attack on the tomb as an unwarranted attack on the Turkish Republic triggering Article 5 intervention to protect a NATO member state.   Look, friends, the NATO countries are fully aware of what Erdoghan is up to and they know that Russia’s involvement could detonate WWIII and all this just to undermine the secular government of Syria or to please Saudi Arabia?  Erdoghan has tried in the past to urge European and American militaries to help in the fight to unseat Dr. Assad.  Even though the very act of trying to overthrow the leader of a sitting government and member-state of the U.N. is, in and of itself, a violation of international law, the NATO members have demurred not because of the legalities, but, because of the expense, and the danger of locking horns with a nuclear-powered Russia.  Erdgoghan, whose mental condition is a subject for much debate, cannot understand why nobody is excited about invading Syria.  A conjured up, false flag operation at the Sulaymaan Shaah shrine simply doesn’t justify exterminating the population of this earth no matter how sacrosanct the Turks might view the easily movable tomb.  It is more likely that European and American allies would chip in to transfer the remains of this barbarian to somewhere in Turkey rather than challenge Russia’s proven military machine.  Erdoghan loses.
    (Thanks, Aida)


  • 3.  How can Turkey and Saudi Arabia combine to fight the Russian Air Force and Iran’s army, Syria’s army and HZB?  Answer:  They can’t.  This will not be the first time in history when parties miscalculated the assets of an enemy or his psychology.  Turkey seems to think that NATO will eventually come to its aid if it appears the Russians are winning the day.  It may be true, also, that the Obama Doctrine, about which I have written in the past, will become a contributing factor to the Turkish-Saudi plan to invade Syria.  I believe that the U.S. is involved in the planning for the invasion of Syria.   It stands to reason that Obama, who is still committed to “regime change”, will find a back-door method to accomplish his goals while not engulfing Americans in another foreign war.  This will be another opportunity for him to sit on the sidelines using proxies to accomplish his goals no matter how misguided they may be.   Turkey is about to face the full force of the Russian Republic, The Syrian Arab Republic, The Iranian Islamic Republic, The Chinese People’s Republic, Hizbollah, the PKK and all its permutations, not to mention the wrath of its own large minorities: the Kurds, Alevis and Alawis.  How can Saudi Arabia  handle a two-front war?  It can’t.  Can Turkey handle such a war with Russian forces massing on Armenia’s borders and its cruise missiles in the Black Sea ready to fire at any time?  It can’t.  We are looking at a mess-in-the-making and it’s going  to be beautiful.
  • 4.  Will Erodoghan’s miscalculations bring Turks together, be they supporters or opponents?  The answer is no.  The opposition in Turkey is not only the political parties with their sometimes sectarian or ethnic characteristics.  The opposition is also the army Erdoghan dismantled in a paranoid rage that resulted in the prosecution and persecution of Turkey’s most experienced high-ranking military officers, like the Chief of Staff, General Ilkert Basbug.  He also has to deal with the shadow government about which he continues to carp, Fethullah Gulen’s army of police officers and officials inside the government.  What will they do when presented with an Erdoghan who has sunk Turkey into a qaugmire – an economic miasma of his own creation.  What happens if nobody comes to help?  What happens to dictators like Erdoghan who wind up with no allies?


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