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U.S.A., NATO and their Allies, trying every way to prolong and inflame the war against Syria, in order to achieve the intended purpose: turn Syria such as Libya is unfortunately today, a no man’s land, where the Islamist terrorist gangs roam wreaking havoc, committing all sorts of crimes. Because this is the only way that the empire, dominated by Zion-Khazars, knows to dominate peoples and the world, destroying everything, things, people, histories, arts, cultures, civilizations: only their order after the chaos.
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AWACS aircraft

“NATO considers of sending planes equipped with airborne warning and control systems (AWACS) to back the US-led coalition in Syria”, Jens Stoltenberg said

(Sputnik) ~ NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Thursday that the military bloc was discussing requirements of sending planes equipped with airborne warning and control systems (AWACS) to back the US-led coalition in its fight against Daesh terrorist group in Syria.

“What we discussed today was direct AWACS support based on that AWACS can operate in NATO territory, meaning over Turkey but also in the international airspace over the Mediterranean, looking into the airspace over Syria and, if needed, also over Iraq,” Stoltenberg said after a North Atlantic Council meeting in Brussels.

“We will discuss what more NATO can do to support the efforts of the global coalition fighting ISIL [Daesh]. NATO is already playing a key role in the global fight against terrorism… We are also looking into whether NATO can provide additional support to the coalition fighting ISIL because there has been a request for AWACS support. And that will be discussed during our meeting today,” Stoltenberg told reporters ahead of a meeting of NATO member states’ foreign ministers.

He added NATO member states were discussing how exactly to provide direct support to coalition forces fighting the Daesh terrorist group (banned in Russia) in Syria without having NATO planes in the Syrian airspace as well as collect information to improve the way the coalition is cooperating.

The NATO alliance is not formally engaged in the military campaign against the Daesh, but individual members, including the United States, France, and Turkey, are militarily involved in Syria and Iraq.


US Secretary of State John Kerry stated that NATO has capacity to be able to provide intelligence to help the ongoing efforts to fight the Daesh.

(Sputnik) ~ NATO has the capabilities to be able to provide intelligence information to help the ongoing efforts to combat the Daesh terrorist group, US Secretary of State John Kerry stated in a press conference on Thursday.

“NATO has capacity to be able to provide intelligence whether it’s through overflight or inside or other ways. There are assets that NATO has developed, and capacities that NATO has developed to be able to plus up the effort in order to locate terrorists, track terrorists, define who is a terrorist in operations on the ground and help inform the battle commanders,” Kerry said.


NATO-in-Black Sea-300

Cooperation between the NATO member states from the Black Sea region, comprising Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, with the US assistance will be “key to the security challenges,” according to NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow.

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