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Presidency of Syrian Arab Republic: “President al-Assad calls on Syrian people to stand with Syrian Army”

Damascus, 28/7/2016 ~ Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic said in a statement that President Bashar al-Assad calls on the Syrian people to stand with the Syrian Arab Army which is determined to root out terrorism, especially after it has become clear to everyone that this terrorism is targeting Syria’s homeland, people, culture and identity.

“National reconciliation is the most important way to put an end to violence, killing and destruction in the country. And today, after the dangers of this targeting have become clear to everyone, President al-Assad calls on everyone to return to the homeland and lay down their arms, and they will find that Syria is, as it has always been, their caring mother so that all of us can return to the state of safety and security that we have always been proud of”, the statement said.

The statement added that those who took up arms have the opportunity to express their belonging to the homeland and to listen to the national voice which calls on them to abandon violence, lay down their arms and engage in the reconstruction process of Syria, and they will find that tolerance has the upper hand.


Presidential decree on granting amnesty for those who lay down arms and turn themselves in to authorities

Damascus, 28/7/2016 ~ President Bashar al-Assad on Thursday issued a legislative degree No 15 for the year 2016 stipulating for granting an amnesty for those who turn themselves in to the competent authorities and lay down their weapons and those who set free in a safe way persons they kidnapped.

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