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Russia will no longer agree to any unilateral steps in Syria, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, stated. 

Speaking at the UN Security Council session on Syria, the Russian representative noted that, during discussions on the Syria ceasefire agreement, the demand was made that Damascus unilaterally cease all air force flights as a precondition for a ceasefire. 

“First they said three days. We agreed. Then they said: ‘No, the US president has changed his mind, now it has to be 7 days,” Churkin said.

“Such tactics cannot last forever.We will not longer agree to any unilateral steps,” he emphasized.

“West still arming Al-Nusra in Syria, peace almost impossible”
– Russia’s UN envoy

Churkin added that bringing Syria to peace has become an almost impossible task insofar as hundreds of armed groups roam the country and “all and sundry” on Syrian territory is being bombed. He also stated that members of the coalition headed by the US still have not provided any information on the investigations on the airstrikes on the Syrian city of Manbij in July which killed dozens of civilians.

Following the meeting of the UN Security Council, Churkin told journalists that the US-Russian agreement has not been ripped up, but moving forward with the process will be difficult if Washington continues to change its positions.

“We clearly outlined this position. We need a serious process without any trickery and without people changing their conditions every two days. There was an agreement, and the only thing needed is that it be fulfilled instead of positions being changed. If they continue to do so, then it will be extremely difficult to have a serious process,” Russia’s representative stated.

Russia, US clash at UNSC meeting,
Syria envoy blames govt & opposition for escalation

Russia has repeatedly stated that it carefully selects targets for airstrikes in Syria. Any accusations that Russia has hit civilian targets in Syria have never been accompanied with any evidence.

At an emergency meeting on Sunday, the UN Security Council discussed the situation in Aleppo. The session was convened on the initiative of the US, UK, and France in connection with the Syrian Arab Army offensive which is knocking militants from the terrorist Jebat Al-Nusra organization and the so-called “armed opposition” out of the city. 

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