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Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked Russia’s Defence Military to posthumously award two female nurses with honoury medals after they were killed in Syria on Monday. Mercenary-terrorists shelled the mobile hospital which Russian nurses Nadezhda Durachenko and Galina Mikhailova had been working in near Aleppo.
Vladimir Putin, President of Russia (from Russian): “It is important to continue, and we will certainly do so, strengthening the country’s defence capacity, modernisation and technical re-equipment of the armed forces [will take place]. The military operation against terrorists in Syria has become convincing evidence of the increased quality of the capabilities of the army and navy. They demonstrated the well-coordinated work of the units, subunits and – what is more important – they showed the high martial spirit of the personnel. While risking their lives, the Russian servicemen do everything to help the Syrian army in the fight against terrorism and to save the lives of civilians”.
Vladimir Putin, President of Russia (from Russian): “As you know the medical workers of a military hospital were killed while on duty on December 5, they are the Sergeants Nadezhda Vladimirovna Durachenko and Galina Viktorovna Mikhailova. And yesterday Colonel Ruslan Viktorovich Galitsky died in Syria after being severely wound during the terrorists’ shelling. Let’s honour their memory with a minute of silence”.
Vladimir Putin, President of Russia (from Russian): “Thank you. I am asking the Defence Ministry to recommend all our comrades for state awards and to do everything possible to support their families in such difficult times”.