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Israeli missiles hit near al-Mezzeh Airport in Damascus

(Syrian Arab News Agency) ~ The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) launched at 3:00 am Wednesday a number of surface-to-surface missiles from inside the occupied territories to the west of Tall Abu al-Nada (hill) that landed in the surroundings of al-Mezzeh Airport west of Damascus, a Syrian military source said.

The source said that the attack caused a fire to erupt in the site where the missiles hit, adding that no human casualties were reported.

The source noted that the attack is part of the “desperate attempts” of the Zionist entity to support the terrorist groups and raise their deteriorating morale.

This attack, the source stressed, will only make the Syrian Arab Army “even more determined to cut off the hands of the terrorist agents of the Zionist entity, which should be held fully responsible for the repercussions and consequences of these criminal attacks.”

The attack came a week after the IOF air forces fired from the Lebanese airspace two missiles on al-Sabboura area in the western countryside of Damascus, in an attempt to divert attention from the successes which the Syrian army has been making against the terrorist gangs in the area.


Israel Takes Responsibility for Attacks in Syria

(Sputnik News) ~ A top Israeli foreign minister has admitted that Israel was involved in recent attacks in Syria, claiming that the attacks were part of a strategic effort against Hezbollah.

A Syrian state news agency reported on Wednesday that Israel was responsible for bombings that occurred near a military airport in Damascus. Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s Defense Minister, was unwilling to specify which attacks were carried out by the Israeli forces, according to an official statement. The attacks were intended to prevent “advanced weapons, military equipment and weapons of mass destruction” from falling into the hands of Israel’s arch-enemy, Hezbollah, the Times of Israel reported.

Israeli officials have previously expressed concern that Hezbollah could receive WMDs or chemical weapons from the Syrian regime. Still, Lieberman is hopeful that a peaceful settlement can be reached in nearby Syria, even if he does not expect violence and tensions with Palestinians to stop anytime soon.

Lieberman stated that he would be open to a peace deal in Syria of any variety, as long as it does not include Iran or Syrian President Bashar Assad.


Israel claims to have ‘blocked WMD smuggling to Hezbollah’ after alleged strike on Damascus airbase

Israel’s defense minister has broken Tel Aviv’s secrecy over its policy on Syria, stating that it is working to prevent weapons of mass destruction from reaching Hezbollah. It came hours after a rocket attack on a Damascus air base was blamed on Israel.

Speaking to ambassadors from the European Union on Wednesday, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said that Israel is “working, first and foremost, to defend the safety of our citizens and to protect our sovereignty, and we are trying to prevent the smuggling of advanced weapons, military equipment and weapons of mass destruction from Syria to Hezbollah,” The Times of Israel reported.

The defense minister’s office refused to elaborate on the type of weapons of mass destruction Hezbollah may be trying to obtain.

Liberman went on to reiterate that Israel is not interested in getting involved in the Syrian civil war, but will work to defend itself.

The defense minister’s comments followed a Wednesday attack on an airbase in Damascus, Syria, which was blamed on Israel.

Although that attack has not been confirmed or denied by Tel Aviv, Liberman did speak of “what was done in Syria” when referring to efforts to protect the citizens of Israel, according to a statement from his office.

Last week, Israel was also accused of striking a weapons site near Damascus and a Hezbollah convoy, causing large explosions, but no casualties.

Israel does not usually admit to carrying out attacks deep inside Syria, although it has publicly maintained that it will not allow advanced weapons to be transferred to Hezbollah.

Speaking of the possibility of an end to Syria’s civil war which has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and displaced millions, Liberman said: “When I am asked, time after time, what a possible future agreement with Syria will be like, I say that my position is that regardless of what agreement will be in Syria — the Iranians and [Syrian President Bashar] Assad have to be out of Syria and not be a part of any deal.”

Liberman also took the opportunity to scold European leaders for their claims that Israeli settlements are the “biggest problem in the world,” citing deadlier world conflicts.

“At least five hundred people are killed each day in the Middle East, from South Sudan to Iraq, which is much more serious and important than what is happening in Amona, but this is something you don’t see in the European press… I’m waiting for you to start talking about North Korea and the Iranians’ ballistic missiles,” he said, dismissing the possibility of a peace agreement with the Palestinians anytime soon.


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