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Trump, elected promising less military interventions abroad, is looking for a pretext to militarily intervene in Syria

Bolivia’s UN envoy held the U.S. to account over its unreliability on WMD claims, in a moment that reminded the world of the false intelligence that lead to the Iraq Invasion. How can the U.S. be believed over such claims in Syria, when it resists a ground investigation in Idlib, where it says the chemical attack carried out by the Syrian govt, took place? Assad says the U.S. is looking for a pretext to militarily intervene. This, under a president who had promised less foreign intervention. At the same time, the Syrian govt says the U.S. attacked Dayr al Zawr (Deir Ezzour), causing the release of toxic gas, & the killing of many innocents, which is symbolic of what Syria has said all along: that militants have chemical weapons in their possession.