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23 corpses of children were stolen [before the chemical attack] from an hospital in Idlib, to allow the White Helmets to arrange another theatrical production under a false flag. Al-Jazeera TV experts channel operators were present there.

By Fort Russ News ~ from Rusvesna News
translated thanks to Inessa Sinchougova

Recently Fort-Russ-News reported that militants and “White Helmets” rounded up civilians in order to stage a chemical weapons film in Syria’s Idlib.

Today, this information was confirmed by all major Russian media and many publications in the Middle East.

A reminder, that a Syrian military intelligence source earlier this week, said that militants rounded up civilians and [White Helmets] filmed one or more fake chemical attacks. Furthermore it has been revealed, that Al Jazeera channel was present there.

This is according to information published by Tass, RIA Novosti and a number of other media outlets in Russia and abroad.

“23 bodies of children was recently stolen from a hospital in Idlib. It seems that the “White Helmets” are going to arrange another theatrical production under a false flag soon. Maybe another chemical attack in order to link it with President Assad, “- added the journalists of Russia’s “First Channel.”

RIA Novosti clarified that the idea of ​​staging repeat chemical attacks is a PR move, which can lead to a missile attack by the United States on Syria.

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