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(Hasaka, 4 July 2017) ~ The U.S.- led coalition committed a new massacre against the Syrian people in which nine civilians were killed by an airstrike in the village of Kishkish Ziyanat in the southern countryside of Hasakah.

According to local media sources, the aircraft of the U.S.-led “International Alliance”, alleged on the pretext of fighting the “Da’ash” terrorist, attacked the village of Khashkash Zyanat (15 km south of the city of Shaddadi) in the southern countryside of Hasaka, causing the deaths of 9 civilians and damage to homes and properties.

The U.S. coalition last week committed 3 massacres against the Syrians by attacking the village of Dablan, the town of Al-Mayadeen and the town of Deir el-Zour, in which were killed more than 90 civilians, mostly children and women.

The International Alliance also used internationally banned white phosphorus bombs during an attack on the western sides of the city of Al-Rigga and the area between the neighborhoods of Al-Mashlab and the industrial area in Al-Sabahi district, killing 17 civilians.

Washington, which has formed the “international coalition” outside international law and without the Security Council’s approval since 2014, claims to be fighting international terrorism in Syria, while the facts confirm that Washington is attacking and destroys Syrian infrastructures and committing massacres against civilians.

Original Arabic from Syrian News Agency

translated by Syrianpatriots on SFP