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An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry has said that de-escalation zone agreements reached in Astana-6 meeting do not legitimize the existence of any Turkish force on the Syrian territories, adding that the Syrian Arab Republic government considers such existence “illegal”.

”Based on the Syrian government’s commitment to positively interact with any initiative that would solve the crisis in Syria, stop the shedding of Syrian blood and alleviate the suffering of Syrian people, Syria took part in the past 6 rounds of Astana talks and it was open in dealing with all participating parties”, the source said in a statement to SANA on Saturday.

It added that all documents and agreements issued, particularly de-escalation zone agreements, have been reached after consultations between the Syrian government, Russia and Iran.

The source noted that the Syrian government deputized the Russian and Iranian parties to complete the final agreement on Idleb province as long as they are the two guarantor states of the Syrian side, pointing out that it is an opportunity for the Turkish side and Erdogan’s government which guarantee the armed terrorist groups to retreat from their position in support of terrorism and stop arming, financing and supplying terrorists and sending them to Syria which will help restoring security to these areas.

”Syria stresses that agreement on establishing a de-escalation zone in Idleb province is temporary deal that aims at reviving the ancient Damascus-Hama-Aleppo road which will contribute to reducing the suffering of civilians and facilitate movement to Aleppo and neighboring areas”, the source said.

It reaffirmed that Syria will not waive its right to preserve its independence and territorial integrity and it will not halt its war to eradicate terrorism wherever it exists and whoever supports it.

(Damascus, SANA, a R.Raslan/Ghossoun report)

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