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September 29 is dedicated to
St. Michael the Archangel,
Warrior and Prince of the Heavenly Hosts

We invoke his protection on Syria,
on Syrian Arab Army and All Patriots,
men and women, who in one way or another,
armed with weapons or pens,
through diplomacy or through their work,
are defending the Homeland Syria
against malicious attacks by the powers of evil.


St. Michael’s Shield Prayer Warriors.
The Prayer Arm of the Praesidium
of Warriors of St. Michael:

“Dear St. Michael, the Archangel,
protect our Warriors,

both body and soul from the Evil One,
his followers and anyone
who would approach them
with malicious intent.

Protect them, their bodies, and their cars,
as they travel about in their daily activities.

Protect them, their bodies, their home,
their property and possessions
from all demonic retaliation.

St. Michael, intercede for these women and men
with God in all their necessities as your Warriors.

Mighty prince of the heavenly host,
and victor over rebellious spirits,

remember them in their weakness

Be for our Warriors their powerful aid
in temptation and difficulty,

and above all do not forsake them
in their battles with the powers of evil.

O glorious St. Michael Archangel
I beseech you to fight against those
who fight our Warriors

and who make war upon them.

Take up your sword and shield
and rise up in their defense.


Let those be turned back who plot evil against them!

St. Michel, the Archangel,
defend them and be their protection

against all evil and negativity on all levels.

May the Divine light of the Archangels
surround them with their Love.

I call on St. Michael to protect them
from all negative thought forms,

lost souls, negative residues,
negative elementals, and fragments.

May they be blessed in the work they do,
and be given more Divine power and protection.



Submitted and edited by SyrianPatriots
War Press Info Network at: