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An anti-tank missile (ATM), anti-tank guided missile (ATGM), anti-tank guided weapon (ATGW) or anti-armor guided weapon, is a guided missile primarily designed to hit and destroy heavily armored military vehicles.

ATGMs range in size from shoulder-launched weapons, which can be transported by a single soldier, to larger tripod-mounted weapons, which require a squad or team to transport and fire, to vehicle and aircraft mounted missile systems.

The introduction to the modern battlefield of smaller, man-portable ATGMs with larger warheads has given infantry the ability to defeat light and medium tanks at great ranges.

The U.S. Department of Defense’s Special Operations Command [SOCOM] has since  2015 commissioned three cargo ships to transport 4,700 tons of arms and ammunition including ATGMs

 These loads of weapons and ammunition result from the satellites being shipped to Turkish coasts to tbe spread in the Middle East from the ports of Constanta in Romania and Burgas in Bulgaria, with the likely intended final destination of these arms being the various factions of mercenary-terrorists, the so called “Syrian Opposition”…

29 November 2017: 6 vehicles of Syrian Arab Army destroyed by Daesh with ATGM anti-tank guided missiles

On November 29 (2017), members of Daesh (so called ISIS, ISIL, IS) destroyed three bulldozers of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) with anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) north of the T-2 station, near the Syrian-Iraq border, according to the Daesh-linked news Agency Amaq.

Amaq also reported that Daesh fighters (foreign-backed mercenary-terrorists) destroyed a vehicle armed with a 23mm gun and a bulldozer of the SAA with ATGMs north of the border city of al-Bukamal. The outlet added that a battle tank of the SAA was also damaged north al-Bukamal with an ATGM.

Daesh also destroyed the second SAA vehicle armed with a 23mm gun near the al-Ward oil field south of the city of Myadin, according to Amaq.

This intense usage of ATGMs by Daesh against the SAA shows that Daesh is now relaying on rapid hit and run attacks as its main tactic to stop the government advance. However, due to the limited number of ATGMs, Daesh will not be able to conduct a high number of ATMG strikes for a long time.

The SAA and its allies are now only 20km away from securing the Mayadin – al-Bukamal highway and eliminating Daesh on the western bank on the Euphrates river. Once the SAA secures the western bank, ISIS will be trapped in the empty Homs desert.


U.S.-led Coalition has not given up the double-dealing with jihadist mercenary-terrorist gangs in Syria

“In violation of UN Security Council resolutions, the funding of armed jihadists from abroad continues”, Russian TASS News Agency quoted Borodavkin as saying, adding that “The U.S.-led Western coalition has never given up the double-dealing with terrorists in Syria”.

Islamic State [Daesh] uses U.S.-made anti-tank missiles

 [June 27th, 2015] ~ The Islamic State [Daesh] has released photographs from its offensive in the eastern Syrian with U.S.-made BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missile….

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