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syrian rape victim

As almost every major world country is rushing to find a political solution to the crisis in Syria that of course fulfills its own agenda.

But at the same time much deeper humanitarian pandemics which target Syrian refugees are taking place under the surface. Reports indicate that several Syrian women who’d crossed the border to find refuge in one of Turkey’s camps have been subjected to rape and abuse.

In the meantime, Turkey’s main opposition CHP party has requested to visit the camps to get a closer look inside. However their request was denied by the Turkish government, leaving many to believe that there is much to hide.

Clerics backing those Takfiri militants have also issued fatwas calling on young girls from around the world to go to Syria and be sex partners of the insurgents. This has left many young naive women sitting ducks at the hands of the insurgents. Analysts have told Press TV that these women, many of them from Tunisian, have travelled to Syria through Turkey.

Syrian refugees in camps such as Yayladagi, Hatay, Reyhanli, and Kilis, not only face maltreatment and sometimes the lack of food, but are also subject to a crackdown by Turkish security forces. There are accusations that Turkish security forces have abused refugee girls and women. According to some Turkish media and news networks, including Aydinlik, since August 2012, 400 Syrian women have been raped, with 250 of those rape cases resulting in pregnancy.

Press TV

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Lady Syria has burned herself with her four daughters after the “Free Army militia gunmen” raped her with her four daughters in the camp Suleiman Shah Turkish Bbaj today, citing the marriage under the pretext of jihad. More than twenty Terrorists “of all nationalities” gang raped them.