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Syrian Army Seizes Naqarin in Aleppo, Kills over 90 Terrorists across Country

The Syrian army intensified Sunday the campaign againSyria Armyst militant groups, killing 40 terrorists in the city of Hamah and nine others in that of Daraa.

The army units killed 40 terrorists, injured many others and destroyed a weapon and ammunition cache, in addition to four machinegun-equipped cars in the eastern countryside of Hamah.

An army unit also eliminated nine terrorists and injured others in an ambush set near al-Wehda al-Irshadiyeh roundabout in Sheikh Miskin town in Daraa countryside, a military source said.

The Syrian army also regained control over a key town near  Aleppo as it killed 40 terrorists in the northern province.

The Syrian military seized the town of Naqarin on Saturday and continued advancing towards the industrial area of Aleppo.

More than 40 terrorists, most of them are foreigners, were killed in a special operation carried out by an a unit of the Syrian  armed forces in Retyan village in the northern countryside of Aleppo. The terrorists’ vehicles were destroyed in the operation.

Terrorists’ gatherings were targeted northeast of al-Nnairab airport, in the vicinity of Aleppo central prison and the industrial city and in al-Zarzour, Jdaedieh, Maaret al-Artik and al-Ghali hill, according to SANA.

Two terrorist groups were eliminated on the outskirts of the al-Sayyed Ali neighborhood, al-Haidariya area in Aleppo and destroyed their cars, weapons and ammunition.

Members of a terrorist group affiliated with the Islamic Front were killed and others were injured when the army repelled their attempt to sneak from Adra al-Balad towards the sugar factory in Damascus countryside.

A number of terrorists were also eliminated in the eastern side of Jobar neighborhood.
The army carried out special operations targeting terrorist hideouts in the farms of al-Hajjariye and Douma, eliminating a number of terrorists, wounding others, and destroying their weapons and equipment.

Army units destroyed terrorist hideouts in the towns of Yelda and Bebila, eliminating a number of terrorists and destroying their weapons and ammo, while other units clashed with terrorist groups in al-Alali and al-Jamiyat areas in the town of Daraya, leaving a number of terrorists dead or injured.

Syrian Army units foiled terrorists’ attempt to attack the people in Kafr Rish and al-Ashrafieh villages and crushed a number of terrorists’ hideouts and gatherings in the neighborhoods and villages of Homs.

The army killed and wounded a number of terrorists in Bab Hood and Jouret al-Shyiah as foiled attempts of terrorist groups to infiltrate from Bab Hood into Homs castle.

Terrorists’ hideouts and gatherings were destroyed in al-Qarabis neighborhood and al-Dar al-Kabira with all weapons and ammunition inside them. Armed terrorist group also was eliminated on the road of al-Zafranah-Deir Fool in al-Rastan countryside.

The army unit foiled terrorists’ attempts to attack the people in al-Ashrafieh in Talbisseh countryside while another unit clashed with terrorists while trying to infiltrate into al-Hosn and al-Zara villages towards Kafr Rish leaving many of them killed and wounded.

An army unit targeted a hideout used by terrorist leaders in the village of al-Ghasbiye near al-Dar al-Kabira, killing a number of terrorists and injuring others, while another unit destroyed terrorists’ gatherings in the town of Burj Qa’ie in al-Houleh area, leaving a number of them dead or injured.

An army unit inflicted heavy loses upon terrorists in Um al-Derj well, northwest old customs in Daraa al-Balad and destroyed the weapons and ammunition in their possession.

Scores of terrorists were eliminated southwest of al-Yarmouk school, West of shoes factory and west of Bilal al-Habashi mosque.

Army units eliminated armed terrorist groups in Sraqeb, Maart al-Nu’man and thwarted terrorists’ infiltration attempt into al-Sawame’ area in Bsida village, Idleb countryside, and destroyed their criminal tools.

Among the terrorists killed in Saraqeb were Abdulrahman al-Tasht, Mustafa al-Sheikh, and Amouri Diyab.


ALMANAR – 12/01/2014

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