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Syrian Arab Army units on Tuesday (18/03/2014) continued wide military operations against terrorists’ gatherings, eliminating armed terrorist groups and destroying their dens with all weapons and ammunition in side in several areas around the country.

Army units advance in Ras al-Ain, uncover workshop for manufacturing IEDs in Yabroud, Damascus Countryside

Army units made significant advances in the town of Ras al-Ein southwest of Yabroud, Damascus Countryside, carrying several precise operations resulting in destroying terrorist hideouts and the elimination of many terrorists including Ali Abdelaal and Ala’a Darkoush.

While canvassing the western part of Yabroud city, the army uncovered a workshop in a farm containing dozens of explosive devices rigged for detonation and four homemade rockets.

The army also destroyed large amounts of weapons and ammo and left the members of a terrorist group dead or injured I the hills around the town of Afra in al-Zabadani area. Among the dead terrorists were Fadi Airout and Obaidah Soufan.

Army units eliminated many terrorists from the Islamic Front and destroyed a car transporting weapons and ammo in Adra workers city and in Adra al-Balad, in addition to eliminating terrorists including Yasser al-Sheikh Bakri and destroying their weapons and ammo in Aliya farms in Douma area.

In Erbin, the army carried out a special operation resulting in the elimination of terrorists including Rateb Ataya and destroying their weapons and ammo, while clashes with terrorists in Jobar resulted in the elimination of many terrorists including Amer Kawwara and Muwaffaq Shakir.

Twelve terrorists were killed and others were injured when infighting broke out between two terrorists groups after an explosion in a hideout containing weapons and ammo which the two groups shared in the town of al-Mleiha.

ISIS terrorists ambushed in Homs

Army units in cooperation with national defense force skilled scores of terrorists who belong to “the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham” (ISSI) who belong to non-Syrian nationalities in an ambush on the road linking al-Bweir and and Rayyan in the eastern part of Homs countryside.

Army units foiled an armed terrorist group’s infiltration attempt from al-Dara al-Kabira into the safe areas in Homs countryside, killing and injuring a number of terrorists.

Army units inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorists’ gatherings in the villages of Abu Hawadid, Um Sahrij, Rahhoum, Arshouneh and Sallam Gharbi in Homs countryside.


An another army unit destroyed, in an ambush, a car equipped with heavy machinegun, killed 7 terrorists and seized their weapons on the road between Ezz-Eddin-al-Rayan villages.

An army unit targeted a terrorist group in al-Mashjar al-Jaboubi village in Talbiseh area, killing many terrorists including their leader Mahmoud Dahhik and injuring others

Army kills more terrorists in Aleppo

Numbers of terrorists were killed and others were injured as they army units targeted their gatherings and dens in Kweires, Erbid, Hayyan, Hilan, Hreitan, Babis, Kafr Hamreh, Khan al-Assal, al-Atareb, Kafrbisin, al-Sukkari and al-Mansoura in the city and countryside of Aleppo, according to a military source.

The source added that army units destroyed a number of vehicles along with the terrorists inside on Handarat-al-Jandoul axis and on Kafr Hamreh-Hritan axis.

Terrorists’ dens targeted in Idleb

In Idleb, army units targeted terrorists’ gatherings and dens in Abu al-Duhour town in the countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

Meanwhile, A military source said that an army unit killed and injured scores of terrorists in the villages of Kfar Haia, Nahleh, Qmeinas, Morein, Tal Denet in Idleb countryside, destroying their weapons and ammunition.

Army foils terrorist’s infiltration attempt in Daraa

An army unit on Tuesday foiled armed terrorist groups’ attempt to infiltrate into the safe areas on Samlin Jasem road near Zimrin Samlin roundabout in Daraa countryside, killed and injured a number of terrorists.

Army units destroyed terrorists’ hideouts in the villages of al-Ghariyeh al-Ghbiyeh and al-Ghariyeh al-Sharqiyeh, surrounding the wheat cells, al-Sisanieh farm, to the north of al-Kherbat, al-Akrad farm, al-Kark neighborhood, to the north of al-Akhdar Mosque in al-Na’aimeh village in Daraa countryside.

The army thwarted another attempt by armed terrorist group to infiltrate the road linking al-Kark town and a military post, leaving the group’s members dead and wounded.

Other army units destroyed a den for terrorist groups and a number of vehicles in the surrounding of Atman town and Rusoum al-Mdawreh in al-Lajat region.

An army unit prevented terrorists from infiltrating a military post near the prison in Daraa city, eliminating dozens of terrorists and destroying their equipment.

Another unit destroyed three cars equipped with heavy machineguns west of the town of al-Hejje, leaving the terrorists inside them dead or injured, while yet another unit targeted terrorists on the road between al-Aliya and al-Mahs, eliminating a number of terrorists and injuring others.

Terrorists arrested in Hama countryside

Authorities in Hama province arrested members of an armed terrorist group in the eastern countryside and seized their weapons and ammunition, according to a military source.

Army units eliminate terrorists in Deir Ezzor city

Army units eliminated a number of terrorists and injured others in al-Rushdiye neighborhood in Deir Ezzor city.

Among the dead terrorists were Adnan Jawdat al-Okel and Asaad Ali al-Taleb.

Army eliminates Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Lattakia countryside

An army unit targeted terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra in the villages of al-Zuwaik, Nabe’a al-Samour and Ein al-Joz in Lattakia’s northern countryside, eliminating a number of them, injuring others, and destroying a car loaded with ammo and explosives.

Another unit targeted terrorist hideouts in the villages of al-Shmaiseh and Kafr Dalba, injuring a number of terrorists and killing others including Aziz Hamdo, Mazen Qara Mohammad, and Samer Madani.