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Hizbollah Fighters Hunting for Rats Around Rankoos

Hizbollah Fighters Hunting for Rats Around Rankoos



Al-Subayna: (Var. Al-Sabeena): On Tuesday, 26 rodents joined the human race by surrendering all their weapons and resolving their dispute with with the Syrian people by signing covenants not to engage any longer in terrorist activities.

Also at Al-Subayna, but on Wednesday, another 17 former rats renounced living in alleyways and eating cardboard boxes by asking for Amnesty.

Al-Dhiyaabiyya: On Wednesday, 8 nutrias surrendered all weapons and ammunition to the security services in exchange for Amnesty.

Rankoos: 243 rat carcasses counted in the Rankoos perimeter including the Lebanteezian Jabhat Al-Islam leader and King Rat “Abu Mus’ab”. (Id pending)


Sources which monitor terrorist social communication sites claim that Zahraan ‘Alloosh, the leader of Jabhat Al-Nusra, has admitted to losing 140 of his vermin terrorists and that the remaining litter of scavengers are heading for the area of Zabadaani. This latter town will be difficult for the terrorists because even the terrorist militia defenders who, along with NDF units patrolling the town, resent the presence of Takfiris. They also have no hope in Bloodaan, another marvelous summer resort town.

Also, of interest, another terrorist rat pack from the “Liwaa` Al-Qaadisiyya” (Al-Qaadisiyya Brigade) is reportedly to have, also, withdrawn to Zabadaani. This is curious because it’s name, taken from the site of the battle in Mesopotamia on the Euphrates tributary Al-‘Ateeq River, which decided the fate of Persia starting in the summer of 636 C.E., would hardly befit a group of cowards and murderers like these rats. The hypocrisy and ignorance of these Takfiri savages is best revealed in the pretentious names they take on for their organizations. The battle of Qaadisiyya between the forces of the Sassanian King, Yazdigird III, with his general Rustum commanding his forces, and Caliph ‘Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab and his general, Sa’ad Ibn Abi Waqqaass, was a glorious day for Islam – it was a symbol of Islamic power over Zoroastrian/Persian civilization. The symbolism here should not be lost on our readers for, as you will see, the fake Sunnis of this organization think of Hizbollah as an Iranian militia such that any conflict with it reminds the ignorant of the fateful battle fought 1,300 years ago in a town 32 miles east of Al-Koofa (‘Ali Ibn Abi Taaleb’s garrison town). But, what do they do when they are defeated by both Hizbollah and the Ba’ath Party? Hmmm.


The Anfaal Offensive against Kasab has ground to a halt.  Despite significant reinforcements from Aleppo and Idlib, the rats can make no progress due to the type of terrain they selected for their swan song.  The canard about an outlet to the sea has been sufficiently discredited by Syrian Perspective in both serious and satirical comment.  In fact, according to Wael, who is on the scene near Kasab, the rats don’t even like to swim in our warm waters.

Al-Nab’ayn:  (The two Springs) Yesterday and today, efforts by rodents to infiltrate and occupy this area have failed miserably as Syrian Air Force Sukhois rule the sky.  We can assure our readers that radar is tracking all Turk movements across the border and any transgression by Erdoghan will be corrected with our Pantsyrs and S-300s.  Yesterday, the SAA killed a leader of the Jabhat Al-Nusra here:

Abu Al-Layl Al-Idlibi (Id pending. Leader of J.N. in Idlib moved to Latakia with other forces to buttress the flagging morale of the rats)


Via Wikimapia: http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=35.904155&lon=35.969753&z=15&m=b

Shalmaa Mountain: (Look at the map, it’s directly to the West of Al-Nab’ayn) Another lusterless effort by this army of imbeciles to occupy a meaningless piece of territory so that their propaganda organs can tout some new “advance”. Well, they failed and lost over 20 rodents. There is no way to accurately count the number of fertilizer bags now dotting this area because NATO sniper rifles have made such scientific research untenable.


City: 11 rodents surrender to security services.


Nab’ Al-Sakhr: 16 rats have surrendered to security services in exchange for Amnesty.


Tal Waasset: Big battle between a J.N. pack suffering from attrition and the SAA. SAA killed 14 rats and took 9 prisoner:

Hammood Al-Nayyaal
‘Ali Kurd

The rest were not identified and appeared to be foreign.



Al-Shoolaa near the oil fields: SAA killed oil smugglers. No details.



Attrition and repostings are killing off the rat population of this province. Fighting reported in Al-Khazzaanaat, Khaan Shaykhoon, Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan and Abu Dhuhoor. No details.


Updated Map of Homs Governorate




Report by Ziad Fadel – Syrianperspective.com at

SFP – 11/04/2014