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Abdul-Azeez Armoosh-before-and-after-WP-info

Genocidal freak al-Nusra leader, Abu al-Fawz al-Ansaari, erased by Syrian Armed Forces in al-Maleeha.

Al-Maleeha: the terrorist responsible for the horrible massacres in ‘Adraa workers’ residencies last December– the unspeakable acts of shoving employees of the Syrian government in bakery ovens alive and the massacre of minorities, has been burned to death himself by the Syrian Arab Army.

According to reports, a shell fired from a Syrian Republican Guard (T-72) exploded near the cowering terrorist by the name of ‘Abdul-‘Azeez ‘Armoosh (a/k/a “Abu al-Fawz al-Ansaari), a leader in the Nusra pack of terrorists and incinerated him alive.

He was known as “butcher of the east Ghouta” (Saffaah al-Ghouta al-Sharqiyya).

His death is confirmed by military source of the Syrian Republican Guard.


Thanks to Ziad fadel (SyrianPerspective) for the good news, 8 June 2014

Photo courtesy of the Syrian Army’s Republican Guard

the real Syrian Free Press Network on 9 June 2014