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After yesterday (19/5/2015) gains in northeastern Hasaka province, the army units advanced further on the mountainous Qalamoun area in Damascus Countryside on Wednesday, assuming control of new areas there, in addition to targeting terrorist positions all across the country.

Qalamoun, Damascus Countryside 

The army, in cooperation with the Lebanese Resistance and the popular defense groups, established full control over more hills in the mountainous Qalamoun area in Damascus Countryside.

The new areas which came under the army’s control include Shmeiset al-Hosan Mount, Qirnet al-Tawil, Qirnet al-Mish, and Oqbat al-Faskh in Flita mountains, a military source told SANA on Wednesday.

This came one week after eliminating the last groups of terrorists in Raas al-Maara mountains and the strategic Mousa hill.

A series of special operations carried out in cooperation between the army, the Resistance and the popular defense groups led to the new achievement, during which many terrorists were killed and their vehicles were destroyed, the source said.

The terrorist organizations operating in Qalamoun area suffered heavy losses in equipment in the past two days. They also lost many members in the areas on the Syrian-Lebanese border, including a leader within Jabhat al-Nusra nicknamed “Abu Omar al-Taftanazi.

An army unit directed intensive strikes against Jabhet al-Nusra dens in Khan al-Shih in southwestern Damascus Countryside, eliminating a number of its members, injuring others, and destroying their weapons and ammunition.

Another army unit killed and injured many terrorists and destroyed their hideouts along with all weapons and ammunition inside them in the farms of al-Husainia village to the south of khan al-Shih.


Syrian army, Hezbollah fighters advances on the map



Army units repelled ISIS attacks on the oil pumping station no.3 and a number of military posts in the area surrounding Jizel oil field in the countryside of Palmyra.

Army units destroyed ISIS dens in al-Amirya town to the north of Palmyra city, repelling terrorist groups which infiltrated the outskirts of the northern part of the city, eliminating many terrorists and injuring others.


Army units carried out operations targeting terrorist hotspots in the neighborhoods of al-Zebdiye, al-Sukkari , Bab al-Nairab, and al-Mash’had in Aleppo city, killing many terrorists, a military source said.

The source added that an army unit destroyed a tunnel along with the terrorists and equipment inside it in al-Jdaideh area in the Old City in Aleppo.

Another unit carried out concentrated operations targeting concentrations of ISIS terrorists east of Sheikh Najjar industrial zone, killing many terrorists and destroying their weapons and ammo.

In Aleppo’s eastern countryside, an army unit carried out a special operation targeting concentrations of ISIS terrorists in the area surrounding the Air Force Academy on the highway leading to Raqqa, leaving a number of terrorists dead.

The army also targeted terrorist hideouts and gatherings in the villages of Babnes and al-Mansoura with intensive strikes, killing many terrorists and destroying their weapons and ammo.

Army operations northwest of Aleppo city left many terrorists from Jabhet al-Nusra dead and others injured along their supply lines between Turkey and Kafr Hamra village.


In neighboring province, units of the army and armed forces destroyed two vehicles equipped with machineguns and a mortar base for takfiri terrorist organizations at the surroundings of the Sugar Factory in Jisr al-Shughour, in Idleb countryside.

Meanwhile, Army Air Force destroyed a weapon warehouse and mortar bases in  Tal Masibin , Bricks Factory, al-Taibat and Ein al-Sawdeh areas in the countryside of the province.


Army units carried out precise operations targeting terrorist hotspots in Daraa al-Balad neighborhood in Daraa city.

A military source said the operations targeted terrorist concentrations in al-Tulabiye square, northeast of Abu Bakr mosque, the road between the meteorology department and al-Sadd, and south of al-Braiqa school, eliminating many terrorists, most of them from Jabhet al-Nusra and al-Muthana Islamic Movement terrorist groups.

The source added that the operations also resulted in destroying a vehicle along with the weapons and ammo it was transporting.


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