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Leaders of Syrian clans affirm their absolute adherence to national unity

(SANA) ~ Leaders of Syrian clans affirmed on Friday their absolute rejection of any project that aspires to “cut off their Arab roots”, reiterating their unwavering adherence to their country, state and national unity.

In a statement they issued following statements by Jordan’s King Abdullah II about arming the Syrian clans, the clan leaders said they were outraged by the King’s statement.

“We received with utmost surprise your statement in which you offered to arm the Syrian tribes,” said the statement addressing the King of Jordan.

The clan leaders lashed out at Jordan’s role in facilitating the entry of terrorists into Syria and providing them with weapons, indicating that the US project seeks to fragment the countries of the region, especially Syria and Iraq.

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Expressing regret over the role Jordan is playing in the partition scheme against Syria, the clan leaders urged the King of Jordan to oppose any harm that might be done to the Syrian people and land, especially that Syria has always sided with the Arab peoples during tough times.

In a press conference in Damascus after delivering the statement, Sheikh Nawaf al-Milhem, chief of Anza tribe, affirmed that the loyalty of the tribes will remain staunch and unwavering.

Asked about the possibility that some tribesmen might be receiving training in Jordan and fighting side by side with terrorists in Syria, al-Milhem stressed that Syrian clans are committed to their national line” and if some cases might be found, then they are ” few individual cases that represent no one but themselves.”

Commenting on the situation in Sweida province, he said that tribes there are the ones who are defending the province despite attempts to cast the situation there in sectarian light.


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