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Syrian air force kills mercenaries in Daraa

Most of “Southern Storm” Militant Factions Leaders Killed, Injured in Daraa

(al-Manar) ~ The majority of militant factions leaders were killed in Syrian army airstrikes that targeted the so-called “Southern Storm” terrorists leadership headquarter in Gharaz prison near Sawame’, southeast of Daraa, sources told Al-Manar TV.

The field sources confirmed that a military figure from the MOC operations center was injured during the meeting which was being held to prepare for Daraa attack.

The meeting brought together leaders of “Al-Nusra Front”, “Muthanna movement”, “Al-Izz Brigades”, and the “Free Syrian Army”. However, the majority of the dead were members of Al-Nusra.

According to SANA, the Syrian army established full control over Tal al-Sheikh Hussein in the northeastern countryside of the southern province of Daraa.

A military source told SANA that an army unit carried out intensified operations against al-Nusra front and other terrorist organizations in Tal al-Sheikh Hussein. Dozens of terrorists were killed and injured, while scores of them fled towards the villages of Um Walad and al-Kark al-Sharqi, leaving their army and ammunition behind, according to the source.

Meanwhile, SANA said, four terrorist factions of the so called “Al-Mo’taz Brigade” escaped from Naima town, and terrorist groups from “Displaced Camp” after a large number of them were killed in clashes among themselves in the southern city of Daraa and its countryside.

In Daraa city, an army unit killed 30 terrorists of the so called “Horan Martyrs Squads” and destroyed three of their vehicles equipped with machineguns, two rocket launch pads at the vicinity of Daraa city’s electricity establishment.


Al-Manar, 28/6/2015
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