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The European Union welcomes the decision by Damascus to allow the arrival of humanitarian aid to Madaya, a Syrian village in the mountains near the border with Lebanon, while the Anglo-American media propaganda accuses the government of Bashar al-Assad to starve excruciatingly his own people.


PROPAGANDA OF WAR: from ‘The Times’ 8-january-2016 ~ (CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE)

Actually, Damascus has never prevented humanitarian aid to reach the Syrian village, which is partially occupied by armed gangs of mercenary jihadists.

The Syrian authorities are only giving further evidence of availability and good will in favor of the suffering population for the effects of a devastating war waged against Syria by outside powers, who use the jihadist terrorist gangs as cannon fodder to produce the greatest possible damage to the population and to the country’s infrastructure.


PROPAGANDA OF WAR: from     ‘Daily Star’ 8-january-2016 ~      (CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE)

In fact, the news and propaganda disseminated by the Anglo-American media are taken from websites and social networks managed by the armed terrorist groups.

Such news, on the famine and food shortages in Madaya, are not verifiable.

Government sources say they have recently brought enough food to feed the population for at least two mesigli, saying that humanitarian aid is being taken over by armed gangs that control the village, which instead to feed the population are smuggling and selling the foodstuffs on the black market.


Just a few days ago, also in the province of Hama, Syrian authorities have discovered, in the liberated areas, warehouses full of tons of flour and food that had been intended for the people, but instead were stored in hidden places ready to be smuggled and sold in Turkey.


(7 January 2016) ~ Tons of food, flour and tomato, prepared by mercenary gangs for smuggling, discovered by the Syrian authority in Hama


The jihadist mercenary-terrorists, backed by the alliance of American-led coalition, which are defined as “moderate opposition”, are robbing foodstuffs intended for the Syrian people, smuggling it (mostly in Turkey) for a handful of dollars stained with blood: the blood of the Syrian people, which they pretend to “free”, but instead they oppress and let starve in the areas they occupied.

flour-and-tomato-for-smuggling-in-Hama-3a flour-and-tomato-for-smuggling-in-Hama-6a

Definetly these “moderate terrorists” are not Syrians, maybe they are not even human beings, because starve the people is an inhuman crime.

Thanks God we have the Syrian Arab Army.


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