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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Honorary Festival of Late Leader Ismail Ahmad al-Zahri

al-Ahed News, 6 August 2016

Full speech delivered by Hizbullah Secretary General, His Eminence Sayyed Nasrallah, during the festival held to honor late Resistance Leader Ismail Ahmad al-Zahri in Nabatieh al-Fawqa on Friday July 29, 2016.



Hezbollah Leader: “Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi culture behind world terrorism”

Dear audience! Brothers and sisters! Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings.

{In the Name of Allah, The Most Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Among the Believers are men who have been true to their covenant with Allah: of them some have completed their vow to the extreme, and some still wait: but they have never changed their determination in the least} True are the words of Allah, The Most High, The All Great.

I welcome you all, dear brothers and sisters who have convened in this kind town to honor the great jihadi leader in the resistance. First, I would like to thank you for attending to share your condolences. I address the respected and honorable family of the late leader with the sincerest feelings of consolation for their and our loss of a dear adorable brother and a great resistance leader. I offer our condolences to his relatives, friends, and brethren in the resistance, to the residents of his town – Nabatiyeh al-Fawqa – the town of coexistence of the followers of the various religions and factions, the town that takes the lead in marking and adhering to the rituals of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him), the town with a history rich in knowledge, religious schools, and scholars, on top of whom are the Sayyeds from the Noureddine family, and the resisting town in the foremost lines since the occupation to the liberation in the year 2000.

It confronts, stands steadfast, tolerates, and suffers from Zionist garrisons and collaborators in Ali Taher, Sujud, and others…It is a town that offered generously its men and women and children as martyrs in Zionist massacres in more than one war and aggression. It is the town that never spared or would spare to offer sacrifices, and here the resistance fighters from its children and men are still present in all fields – and where they must be – as the dear brother in the resistance said a while ago.

These are the brethren, children, and devotees of Abu Khalil from among the residents of this honourable town.

First, I would like to talk about our dear late leader, and then I will tackle some issues and concerns in the region and on the local level.

Abu Khalil is a title for a generation of resistance fighters who joined the procession of Hizbullah and the Islamic Resistance in 1982 when it was in its first days. They were in their youth, as individuals and as fighters. They showed up in the field and joined knowledge with action, and faith with jihad, and thus they advanced within the positions of responsibility and some reached high ranks. They spent their youth and their lives in this resistance, and some passed away such as Abu Khalil and other brethren who share with him many of the characteristics of leadership such as the late leader Hajj Mustafa Shahadeh, the resisting Sheikh Mohammad Khatoun, Sheikh Mustafa Kassir, and others. Other such leaders were martyred, and others are still awaiting while proceeding on the path of these dear ones and moving along until the end.


This generation of brethren had no life other than this procession, this responsibility, and this concern. They did not have a private life. Despite all what took place over decades in Palestine, Lebanon, the states in the region, the peoples of the region, and the sanctities of the region, many of the young men in this country and in our Arab and Islamic world had their dispositions, cultures, and atmospheres. Still many of these youths – here I am not talking solely about Hizbullah youths but also about many of the forces that assumed this responsibility and had this concern – did not spend their youth as young men usually spend their youth. They held their arms early and abandoned their homes and headed to the mountains and got engaged in fierce confrontations.

They were young men who left their homes, schools, and fields to face the most powerful army in the region and to produce victory.

Abu Khalil got engaged in the military resistance from the very beginning. He was one of the pioneers who specialized in artillery. When we talk about the major and senior artillery officers in the Islamic Resistance, we would be talking about Hajj Abu Khalil who assumed this responsibility in this domain of specialty. He also shared leadership responsibilities on the level of some sectors and arenas. He fought and partook personally in many of the operations starting with Huqban, Sujud, and Bir Kilab, as well as the famous and well-known Major Badr Operation in Iqleem al-Tuffah.

He did not quit the field even after he became the head of one of the important and crucial units in the Islamic Resistance. He remained present and effective in the field. He always took pains to develop scientifically in his field of specialty and in the military domain. He always took pains to partake in military sessions to develop his knowledge and capacities as he was smart and intelligent, and his mind had the capacity to set plans and plots. He was also among the major field leaders in the July War, for which we are marking its tenth anniversary these days. He was one of the leaders and fighters who had the honor to make victory and contribute to making victory in the July War 2006. Years ago, he headed one of the major missile units in the resistance until his death. This unit is one of the units that provides a high level of readiness for the resistance, a high level of deterrence against the “Israeli” enemy, and partakes in defending Lebanon and southern Lebanon. It also prevents the enemy from even thinking of extending a hand not only on Beirut or the depth of Lebanon, but even to the towns and houses lying on the border lines with occupied Palestine.

Everyone who knows Abu Khalil closely knows that he was a kind, chaste, good man who was very humble and very tender with everyone. He was very obedient to his parents (may Allah have mercy on them both), and he served them incessantly. He used to take care of the orphans of martyrs. He was brave and dauntless. He was ever-present in the field. He was industrious in his work, very serious and effective, and never was negligent to his jihadi missions even during sickness. In fact, even when he was severely sick, he used to follow the details of the work in his units along with the brethren in charge. He was very knowledgeable. Even when he got very sick, he was seeking knowledge to obtain his masters degree in political science.

He was a responsible leader until the very last hours before he went into a coma. He was a devotee to the Holy Quran and used to recite it always. Five years ago, he made a vow to read a chapter of the Quran every day, and since that day he lived up to his promise. Until he went into coma, he was an ally to the Holy Quran and a devotee to Al-Hussein (peace be upon him), for whom he cried over, sacrificed his soul for, longed for, and proceeded in his track.

Such was Abu Khalil and his like. Let the people know something very important about our path. With Abu Khalil and his like we gain victory. With Abu Khalil and his like, Allah bestowed victory on us because war is a contest. On one day, we gain victory over our enemy, and on the other the enemy gain victory over us, until Allah saw our loyalty and thus bestowed victory on us and frustrated our enemy as Amir al-Mumineen (peace be upon him) said.

With the patient, faithful, loyal, humble, kind leaders who are devoted to Allah Almighty, the Prophet of Allah, the Holy Book of Allah, and the Household of the Prophet of Allah, and who are willing to offer sacrifices without any considerations, victory is bestowed.


When we talked about the divine victory which would be bestowed on us God willing, when the July War was first waged, we were sure of it for this reason. When we talk about the victory that will be bestowed on us God willing in any confrontation or war or aggression that may be waged on our country or on our resistance, we are sure because among us are the likes of Abu Khalil and his brethren martyrs, and the sons of fighters and his faithful companions. This is what we must adhere to in addition to knowledge, expertise, technology, military excellence, and advanced capacities. The main pillars are chasteness, loyalty, faithfulness, love, tenderness, faith, and humbleness, and this is what we found embodied in our late leader whom we are honoring today. Brothers and sisters! Today, Abu Khalil left us, leaving between our hands this great trust – the resistance. The trust of the resistance is the real and major guarantee for us to remain in our land which we liberated and defended, to remain in Nabatieh al-Fawqa, Nabatieh, Bint Jbeil, Marjoun, Khiam, Naqoura and all these towns and cities.

Our major and true guarantee is this resistance, as part of the golden formula; the army, the people, and the resistance. Thus we must protect it too and guard it as well as our country, people, dignity, and honorable life in this country and the sovereignty of this country during this difficult time.

Day after day, the soundness and integrity of this path which Abu Khalil joined from the very beginning is asserted on the national, regional, and Islamic levels.
Indeed, today I will not talk about the tenth anniversary of the July War, though the late martyr was one of the producers of victory. I will leave this topic for the days to come as I will tackle this issue in the main ceremony that will be held to mark this occasion. However, from the gate of the resistance, I will move to the situation we are passing through on the level of the region and on the level of Lebanon.

How is the soundness and rightness of this choice asserted? How do we assert that the Resistance is the true guarantee? In the region, the Arab situation is very bad. The Arab situation on the state level is worse than any other time in the past. Taking into consideration the last 100 years, we will find ourselves before a weak, poor, scattered, dispersed Arab situation on the state level. There is no nation (‘Ummah’), no states, no true Arab League, no Arab national security, no common destiny, no common interests, and nothing else. Even the central cause, the cause of Palestine, has become a weak cause. Palestine is occupied by the Zionists; its Islamic and Christian sanctities are being desecrated; the Zionists have displaced millions of the people of Palestine; the Zionists have hurled thousands of Palestine’s men and women in jail; the Zionists have been besieging the Gaza Strip for many years; the Zionists are threatening Palestine and all the states and peoples in the region by occupying it. “Israel” is no longer an enemy for Arabs on the state level. The cause of Palestine has become a very weak cause of reproach. This is what has always been expressed in recent years by the statements and meetings of the Arab League, the last of which was the summit that took place days ago. However, without making any preludes, the worst aspect of this bad Arab situation on the official level is this development in the Saudi stance which started to move from behind the scenes, or the communication with the “Israelis” that moved from being secretive, to being overt. This is the worst development on the official Arab level that had taken place recently.

It goes without saying that when a well-known prince from the Saud Dynasty – Prince Turki al-Faisal – holds open meetings with Zionist diplomatic and security officials – among others – and when a retired general in the Saudi Intelligence also holds such meetings and then wraps up his talks with a visit to the occupied territories, and meets with “Israeli” governmental officials and deputies in the “Israeli” Knesset and brags about that, that can’t take place without the approval of the Saudi government. We know what kind of political life exists in Saudi Arabia. It is not acceptable for anyone to simplify the issue and say that the Saudi government was not aware of that beforehand. That does not take place in Saudi Arabia. In that country, if someone says a word contrary to the Saudi line or policy, or tweets on twitter or on similar sites, he is sentenced to a thousand whips. A thousand whips is the penalty for saying a couple of words. So what would be the case if someone opposes a major strategic policy which is the policy of the kingdom?

No! In fact, this is only the beginning. It is not the beginning of contact; contact has already been taking place. It is not the beginning of relations; the relations already exist. It is not the beginning of coordination; the coordination already exists. It is rather the beginning of moving from behind the scenes to the open. Why is this development very bad? It is because in the past years, some states announced and talked openly of their acknowledgment of “Israel” and moved to the extent of contacting “Israel”, making ties with “Israel”, and even more, making accords with “Israel”. Still there remained the stances of some states, including Saudi Arabia, which were cautious and showed some reserve, which may be added to the record of the camp of “this peaceful track or negotiating track”. That means that one day when Saudi Arabia wants to acknowledge “Israel” and normalize (relations) with “Israel”, the followers of this negotiating track would expect to receive great returns because such a stance would be a very big move in the interests of “Israel”.

Well, what is taking place? I will be direct to the point because I have to be quick as I have many points to tackle. What took place is that without any returns and gains for the Arabs and Palestinians on the security level, political level, on the level of the Palestinian exodus, on the level of Palestinian rights, on the level of the sanctities in Palestine, or on the level of the fate of the Palestinian people, gains are being offered for free to the “Israelis”. Today Saudi normalization with “Israel” is offered for free, and this will open wide the gate. So this is the end of the road.

In fact, there is a characteristic that makes Saudi Arabia different from other states. Should a country other than Saudi Arabia normalize (relations) with “Israel”, make ties with “Israel”, and contact “Israel”, they would say there are key, major, and great states which have not yet done that. Well, Saudi Arabia has a special characteristic which I will talk about in a while. If Saudi Arabia has this specialty and it did not recognize, acknowledge, contact, coordinate, hold relations, and normalize with “Israel” that would make a difference. But now it is over. Well, Saudi Arabia presents itself to the Arab and Islamic world with characteristics that differ from other regimes in the Arab world. When it presents itself as the state of Islam, the state of the sacred ‘Sharia’ of (Prophet) Muhammad, the state of the Quran, the state of the Two Holy Shrines, and the state that is entrusted with the land of prophecies, and yet it still normalizes and makes ties with “Israel”, and later it acknowledges and covertly coordinates with “Israel”, then everything would be over. Whoever follows the Saudi media notices that the clerics – who make their fatwas not according to the Holy Quran and the Traditions of the Prophet but rather pursuant to the desires of the rulers – have begun drawing out (Quranic) Ayahs, Traditions, and Fatwas to the effect that ‘we recognize “Israel”, we coexist with “Israel”, we make peace with “Israel”, and there is no problem in that’. From now on, we will witness such new fatwas of a new religion.

This is dangerous as these fatwas will have a special status in the Arab and Islamic world. The more dangerous aspect is this preparation and cultural, scientific, and intellectual (process of) misleading (people), which will start on this track. Perhaps those who had previously made contacts with “Israel” or accords with “Israel”, or relations with “Israel”, needed a jurisprudential and legitimate cover as is the case with the Saudi Dynasty now. Thus we will be before a jurisprudential and cultural catastrophe in the near term because it is required that the way be paved on the jurisprudential and legitimacy level, supported with fatwas to the effect of making peace with “Israel”, acknowledging “Israel”, and recognizing “Israel”. This is the worst thing Saudi Arabia did and will do.

Consequently, following such deeds from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, any Arab state would say: what we are doing is normal. Saudi Arabia itself has made ties, contacted, is coordinating and is normalizing with “Israel” at a time when it is the state of Islam and the Quran and the Two Holy Shrines – as they allege indeed. So why are you making us assume the unbearable? The fatwas of the board of senior clerics are about to be issued, and this is very dangerous.


Indeed, when I evoke this issue I mean to tell everyone to take a stance. This issue is not that of courtesies. With regimes, governments, and international institutions, one may be courteous here, silent there, and negligent there. One may say that it is not his responsibility or duty to announce a stance here or there. However, when it comes to Palestine, the people of Palestine, and the sanctities in Palestine, and when it comes to “Israel”, acknowledging it, recognizing it, holding ties with it, and normalizing (ties) with it, this is not a question of courtesy to be shown by scholars, jurists, learned men, elites, ordinary people, parties, and political forces. Should this be the conduct of the Saudi, the Egyptian, the Jordanian, the Syrian, the Lebanese, the Iranian, the Pakistani, the Afghani, or any other person, it must be condemned, objected and denounced, because it serves the enemy who is desecrating the sanctities, aggressing against the people of Palestine and the peoples of the region, and threatening the region every day. Even if we know that our denunciation and condemnation for these steps, which will be followed by major steps in the Arab world on the official level, and even if we know that these rulers do not listen to our voices, we must raise our voice to add that to the record of our deeds, for our Hereafter first, and to tell these rulers second, that there are still in this world people who understand the truth, the depth, nature, goals, and risks of this struggle, and reject rulers resorting to such stances and conducts. They may not change their stances, and we too will not change our choices.

In Lebanon, our choice was and is still the resistance. With the bad and weak Arab scene, we cling more to this choice. The same applies to Palestine. I watched and read statements issued by the Palestinian resistance movements and the Palestinian resistance factions, besides various Palestinian leaderships and personalities on the Saudi conduct, which showed no courtesy, and this is what is required, as this is a cause in which rightness and oppression cannot be vague or obscure. As per “Israel” and Palestine, rightness is clear, and oppression is clear. He who has any vagueness has a blurred vision himself, and he who cannot see is blind himself. As for the truth, it is crystal clear, as bright as the sun at midday.

The choice of the Palestinians is absolute and clear, and every day they coin and announce a name for this choice. Today, if we are looking for a name for this Palestinian choice, we will find martyr Mohammad al-Faqih in al-Khalil, in the town of Soureef, which the “Israelis” stormed with hundreds of soldiers. Some sources wrote to me that 750 officers and 23 military vehicles topped by helicopters and reconnaissance planes staged the raid to arrest one Palestinian man – one Palestinian resistance fighter. Still, they failed to arrest him. They fought him for 7 hours, and they could not kill him except after they demolished the house over his head.

Mohammad al-Faqih is the title of Palestine. He is the title of the Palestinian choices and the people of Palestine. Thus we are not worried about the very conviction and awareness of the Palestinian people, the Lebanese people, the Syrian people, and the peoples who joined this struggle and offered and are still offering martyrs every day. However, it is our right to get worried over the culture of the outlying states in this nation which they will seek to mislead in the coming weeks, months, and years. So we are before this decline in the official Arab stance and before this negative development in Saudi conduct. I said months ago, and today I reiterate and assert, that Saudi Arabia is still insisting on proceeding in wars in all squares. They turn down all extended hands. A hand extended for dialogue from Yemen, and it is told to give in. A hand for dialogue extends for dialogue from Bahrain, and it is told to annul itself and its existence. A hand for dialogue extends in Syria, and conditions opposing to the essence of this battle were set. A hand extends from Iran, and war is still waged on Iran. This is the status quo, and whoever has anything to say let him say it.

Where is Saudi Arabia seen as a major side in the struggle taking place now in the region? It is opening a door. Yes, it is opening a door only, and only with the “Israeli”. It takes the initiative just with the “Israelis” without any preconditions and without gains that it would ever reap.

As for the Yemenis, they only have conditions for their surrender. As for the Bahrainis, they only have conditions for their annulment. As for Iran, they only have conditions for humiliation. As for Syria, they only have conditions (for the Saudis) to achieve through politics what they failed to achieve through fighting. Billions of dollars and thousands of tons of weapons and ammunition and tens of thousands of Takfiris whom it brought along from all over the world is the conduct we are confronting, especially recently.

On the other hand, everyday Iran says we are ready, we want dialogue, we want negotiations… Still, the Saudis do not see anything. Here I will wrap this point up by clarifying how they do not see before them.

On the Yemeni level, the war is still underway. Aggressions, shelling, and attacks on the various regions, which led days ago to one of the catastrophes and massacres in the Yemeni town of Sarari at the hands of “Daesh” and the Takfiris, under the cover of the so-called “Legitimate Yemeni Government” which perpetrated its massacres against the people and the civilians in that town. Now some are trying to compare that to what took place in Iraq. When they took Fallujah, they opened the gates for all the civilians to leave peacefully. They erected camps though now they are nagging that water was not enough, food was not enough, and medicine was not enough. Still the people left with peace, and their souls were saved.
Today in Syria, in Aleppo, the civilians are told that the gates are open. Do leave. Even to the armed men, these gates are open for them to leave.

As for Yemen, that town was outside the sphere of the conflict and struggle. It was besieged and fought; many of its residents were killed, and the fate of the rest of the men, women and children is still unknown. This is the culture of the Arab Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Wahhabi culture, the culture of Daesh, the culture of al-Qaeda, and the culture of al-Nusra, even if its name was turned to the Fath al-Sham Front. It is the culture of killing, slaughtering, annulation, and the perpetration of massacres and giving no chance for life and reconciliation. This is what is taking place in Yemen and in other places.

In Bahrain, they stripped Sheikh Issa Qassem of his citizenship and they wanted to deport him from the country. The loyal, faithful, sacrificing, devoted people from the people of Bahrain, with their bare chests and weaponless hands gathered around his house. So far they have managed to prevent the authorities from perpetrating a stupidity or arresting His Eminence Sheikh Qassem. So far, weeks have passed in this extreme hot weather. Here we are not talking about Lebanon; we are talking about Bahrain and the hot weather in Bahrain, whether during the day or the night.

What is the new pretext they gave? They want to fabricate an accusation to him. They said that His Eminence Sheikh Qassem is practicing money laundering. All throughout history, scholars and authorities take zakat from people and spend them on the poor. They take Khums and spend them on the poor. They take sadaqa (charity) and spend them on the poor, the helpless, the needy, the indebted… This has been the case all through history. Now the Khalifa Dynasty issued a new law, a new decree, and a new heresy to the effect that His Eminence Sheikh Qassem is practicing money laundering. This will later be applied to any scholar in Bahrain – and this is a bad law and a terrible heresy which they may apply also on the rest of the Arab and Islamic world – if the religious authorities take Khums or zakat or sadaqa or legitimate money from any citizen to spend on the poor or the needy, that would be money laundering.

People won’t be deceived by the distortion of the image of His Eminence, Sheikh Qassem. His image is brighter, more beautiful and more shining than to be distorted by the owners of dim faces and dark minds. Thus today, the opposition in Bahrain, besides several sides in Bahrain, has announced a Day of Solidarity with His Eminence Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Qassem and other scholars and the oppressed people in Bahrain.

You and I on this occasion also announce our solidarity with this people and this leader.


As for Syria, we listen to the Saudi Foreign Minister as he talked about the region, about Syria. He plays his symphony wherever he goes and in any press conference. He nominated himself as a custodian and a governor in the name of the Syrian people: there is no resolution other than the departure of President Assad, whether through politics or through war. Well, are you deciding on behalf of the Syrian people? They are working out a political settlement and (process of) negotiations, and they talk about presidential elections, and the Syrian people will elect whomever they want. No, he does not believe in that because he does not believe in anything called an election.

You must see the extent of their minds. Their arrogance does not make them see. The Saudi Foreign Minister addresses Russia, saying that if you abandon President Assad we will grant a respectable quota in the region. It is really something funny. It is satire. It is an absurdity. Why? Do you now control the region and lay your hand on everything so that you distribute quotas; a quota to Russia and a quota to America and a quota to so and so? Are you a fool? Are you insane?

Any person who understands a little politics in the region knows that you are not in the position of one who gives out quotas, concludes deals, makes bargains, or imposes conditions. You are not in this position. Your kings are not as such; your princes are not as such. All these squares and fields say so.

To take a practical conclusion, so we can move to the local affairs. I will tackle the local affairs in a couple of words. Based on facts over a year and a half in Yemen, it tells the Saudis today that you can’t gain victory in Yemen through such a war. You can’t impose your conditions in face of the steadfastness of the Yemenis, the persistence of the Bahrainis, the victories of the Iraqis, and the achievements of the Syrians, especially the recent victories. What happened in Aleppo is of very high importance. Its importance is not only tied to the Syrian crisis, but also to the regional situation, to regional equations, and to regional projects, and to the dreams of a regional empire. What was downed a few days ago in Aleppo was the dreams and projects of (forming) a regional empire. (It was downed) by the steadfastness of the resistance movements, and the steadfastness of these nations, and by the increase of awareness. Awareness in the region and the world.

Does this (Saudi) minister and his rulers, kings, and princes, think that they can keep fooling world nations and world public opinion? Isn’t the world beginning to clearly uncover that the one who slaughters an 80-year-old priest in a church, that although he is a product of Daesh (“ISIS”), yet his culture comes from you? (Or) the one who attacks in Nice and butchers people; and the one who kills in Germany and does not care who he is killing, whether Muslim or Christian, so long as he is killing people; and the one who blows himself in a protest that is calling for electricity in Kabul, (a protest) has nothing to do with politics, killing 80 martyrs, and leaving 250 injured; or the one who commits a crime as grave as the crime of Karrada in Baghdad – 300 martyrs in one instance, men, women, young and old, (all) burnt (alive); or the one who slaughters the Palestinian child in Aleppo; the whole world now knows that this is your Wahhabi culture, and that these are (products of) your schools, and that these are (products of) your educational curriculums, and (products of) your sheikhs, your media, and your television channels, all of which do Takfiri (label others as infidels and kill them)!

Your project does not have a future. Saudi Arabia and its rulers are before an opportunity, to go back and rethink their whole policy in the region. So long as the Yemenis are saying, ‘we are ready to negotiate’, and (so long as) the Bahrainis are ready to negotiate, and the Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians, and others, then come negotiate. Do not be arrogant, do not be overtaken by pride, and put aside your hatred. You have an opportunity to be a partner in resolving the situation in the region, and (then) you will receive a share. That you be partners, and you will receive a share. However, if you insist on continuing this path and these wars, then with full confidence, certainty, and faith I tell you that you will be defeated. The project of the House of Saud in the region will be defeated, and it will be covered with disgrace. That is if there remains thereafter a regime called (after) the House of Saud. Yet this must be understood; they must understand this.

All information from all the battlefields indicate that the region is moving in this direction. Even the great (powers) that you are betting on, while you believe that you can keep buying states and major forces with your wealth – will desert you. Soon when these states and major forces clash with their interests, they will tell you to be rational, to calm down…Then investment will be over as the investment of “Daesh” or Nusra is over, or is about to be over in the battle in the region.

I have a couple of words on Lebanese affairs:

  • First, we call on the Lebanese government to take the initiative and take a decision as per what is taking place in Ghajjar. As we are talking about Abu Khalil and his brethren who offered their blood, youth, and life in order to restore every grain of the soil of the dear and precious soil of Lebanon, we tell the Lebanese Government: this is Lebanese land. If you forgot it, we will remind you of it. Our job was always to remind you. It is called the Lebanese part of Ghajjar. This is your land and under your sovereignty. It is weird that the “Israelis” today are taking measures to affirm their hegemony and control on the Lebanese part of Ghajjar. Still no one in Lebanon has said a single word! There is nothing wrong! What’s wrong?! It’s a Lebanese piece of land – half a village. Let the “Israelis” control them, and do whatever they want with it.

Perhaps a municipality here or there takes a measure – whether it is right or wrong, precise or not – uproar takes place in Lebanon, in the media, in media outlets, in articles, and on the internet….

However, on the other hand, when “Israel” restores its hegemony over a Lebanese village which is under Lebanese sovereignty, no one says a word. Where are those who brag about sovereignty? When we talk about the issue, it is interpreted that we want to fabricate a problem. They say we want to stir a conflict.

My brother! Is this a Lebanese land or not? My brother! You may disagree over the Shebaa Farms, but the “Israelis” acknowledge that this is a Lebanese land. The UN acknowledges that this is Lebanese land. It is not a source of conflict. Where are you?
The government is required to take a move as per this point.

  • Second: though this has to do with the region but it is a Lebanese affair. It is what took place in the past few days on the sidelines of the Arab summit in Mauritania. Some stances in the Lebanese media were offensive as per Mauritania. We call on the Lebanese government to address that. Mauritania is an Arab country, a Muslim country, a dear country. We – the people of Lebanon – nurture all the feelings of sincerity, respect, and esteem to Mauritania, and we do not forget their stance next to the resistance along this long path, including the July War. The politicians, journalists, institutions, and official sides in Lebanon who offended Mauritania must take the initiative and apologize and express their respect and esteem to this brother country and dear people.
  • Third, there is a set a files today which have become very pressing. The Lebanese government, Lebanese officials, and the Lebanese forces in the government must not evade responsibility under the pretext that the key is electing a president. Well, that is true but if we have a president and there is no seriousness, we will face the same sufferings.

There is a set of files which have become very dangerous and pressing, especially in these days, and we must not remain silent towards them, and they must be dealt with great responsibility.

The first point is the pollution of the waters of the Litani waters and Qaroun Lake. This story does not concern a village or two, or a region or two. It is a national cause that concerns all regions. Unfortunately, they deal with everything in our country on sectarian bases. There is now electric power for the Shiites and electric power for the Sunnis and other for the Christians and Druze. The same applies for water, gas, petroleum, security….


Now, it happened that the water of the Litani River is drunk by Shiites, Sunnis, Druze, and Christians who also water their plantations from it. So this affects all sects. It is a national responsibility, and it is causing harm to hundreds of thousands of Lebanese. The health of men, women, sick people, and children are at stake, and they may be the target of very dangerous illnesses. It threatens their lives and plantations and might lead to the death of many. If this issue is addressed only through forming a committee – and committees are the graveyards of projects – we are before a true catastrophe.

On our behalf, we will call on the rest of the political forces to raise their voices inside and outside the cabinet. The ministerial committee must follow up this issue with a very high degree of seriousness. Measures must be taken, and it is not allowed for any political party to politically cover this issue. If sand factories must be closed, they must be shut down. If it is required that plants be closed, they must be shut down. If decisive measures must be taken by municipalities, they must be taken, and no one must cover that.

This is the fate of hundreds of thousands of Lebanese. At a time when I call upon the Lebanese government and the ministerial committee to take true final measures, I call against exploiting this issue to take revenge from anyone or to stage aggressions on anyone, whether he is the owner of a plant or a sand factory. The address must be serious, actual, and objective.

These measures prevent pollution and protect people. These procedures must be taken, and any negligence will be an accomplice in the act of killing. Let all the officials and the people – all along the Litani up until the sea – know their rights and obligations. Let no one say this is the responsibility of the government. We are not concerned. They have a humane, moral, legitimate, and religious responsibility, and on Judgment Day, they will be asked, because the reason is clear and announced, and will lead to the harm of thousands of people. This cause must be followed forcefully and with seriousness and insistence. This cause does not tolerate routine, lethargy, laziness, and exchanging accusations. This ministry blames that ministry. This is the responsibility of the government as a whole and the political forces in the government, and the people are to cooperate and interact.

There is another file which is urgently pressing too. Even if we are preoccupied with Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Aleppo, and Bahrain, there are very urgently pressing files including the water file. This is Lebanon, the country of water, and its water is being wasted in the sea. Many towns are now thirsty. Some cities are thirsty, and some suburbs are suffering from tough and hard circumstances. This is the responsibility of the government. It is not the responsibility of the parties outside the government. Apart from the government, what can parties do today? The government is responsible. It must act instantly as this is an exceptional, national, and humanitarian responsibility at this stage. We have the issue of water and electric power.

It is clear that all the people are talking about one of the hardest years on the level of climate and nature. Well, no measures or procedures were taken. We are not talking about radical solutions; we are just talking about decreasing the suffering and lessening the pain.

As per corruption, perhaps some may say that it is inappropriate to evoke such files at such a time. There are files which are evoked already. There is the issue of illegal internet. Why is this falsification taking place, at a time when it is said that now we want to discuss the financial situation in the government? Some are preparing from now to exploit that. Indeed some political forces are thinking of increasing the value-added tax and the charges. We can’t agree on the increase of one penny on the taxes – not even one penny, no matter what the pretexts or excuses or reasons are. That’s because there are other sources from which you can raise money – and yet still you do not raise money from them. The internet alone is wealth. I am not talking based on my information but some say 300 million, 400 million, 600 million, and some say one billion dollars. Well, if with juristic, political, and parliamentary seriousness, you can restore a billion dollars to the Lebanese treasury, wouldn’t this be better than imposing on us – the poor – new charges and further taxes? It is impossible and even not allowed in this country to add one single penny on the tax before the corruption files are evoked and the looted public wealth is restored.

Otherwise, it would be oppression and enabling the looting of further money and committing further corruption in the future. Does anyone fill a punctured container with water? The tank of this state is not only punctured; it also does not have a base. We do not accept any increase. It’s okay with the taxes and charges already imposed. However, any increase is not allowed. Tackle the corruption case. The illegal internet file is in between your hands. Control it and adhere to it in order to restore what you can from it. When this file is addressed legally in a good way, millions and even hundreds of millions of dollars will be added to the Lebanese treasury. The Lebanese government is concerned today. I do not want to evoke all the files; however, there are urgently pressing files. Who is responsible? The Lebanese government is responsible, and it must assume responsibility, and it can’t be negligent. Indeed, no one is allowed to say that the Premier alone is responsible. No, the entire government with all its components, blocs, parties, and above all the premier, are responsible because the Premier can impose the priorities of the discussions and push things towards reaching results and evading hours of useless arguments and disputes, because there is a country which is suffering, and we can’t be silent on that, no matter what incidents and events are taking place in the region.

Brothers and sisters! Today, by honoring the jihadi leader and the beloved dear senior brother, Hajj Ismail Zahri, we would be honoring all the brethren who passed away and fell as martyrs, and we promise their souls that your trust, and the trust of your families and your children – O’ dear jihadi leaders, O’ martyrs, O’ wounded fighters – are in the hands of the rest of your brethren who had made a promise to Allah, who are still waiting, who never changed, and who will never alter ever.

On the tenth anniversary of the July War, I say that the 33 days of the war and the events that took place during them bear witness that on this path and in Lebanon, there are men, women, elderly, and youth from all sects, and there are leaders and scholars who insist and are steadfast, even in the hardest times and the fiercest confrontations, as was the case in the July War, and that their patience and steadfastness yield victory, such as the victory we are celebrating in these days.

This is the trust of Abu Khalil whom he entrusted the people of trust God willing. Rejoice in the world you moved to, as we are sure of your faith, worship, loyalty, piety, and chastity. We are not praising you before Allah Almighty; however, we are confident of the promise Allah made to the good, struggling believers, and of what He has prepared for these faithful. Be confident that your children, your brethren and their children, your friends, your dear ones, and your family will move along on your path until achieving victory; and victory is very near God willing. They will not achieve except more pride, dignity, freedom, and liberation for this people, country, nation, and these sanctities.

May Allah have mercy on our late leader, and may Allah reward him in Heaven and resurrect him with the prophets, the pious, and the martyrs. Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings.


Hezbollah, Sheikh Nabil Qawook:
Aleppo Achievement Changed Course of Syria Battle

al-Manar, 31 July 2016


Deputy chief of Hezbollah’s Executive Council Sheikh Nabil Qawook stressed that the victories achieved by the Syrian army and allies in Aleppo have changed the political and military formulas, adding that Nusra Front was forced to change its name and allegiance in the context acknowledging those developments.

The new name of Nusra Front, Fateh al-Sham Front, indicates that the terrorist group sticks to its terrorist nature which endangers Syria and Lebanon, according to Sheikh Qawook.

His eminence also wondered how Saudi could issue Fatwas which stir seditions among the Muslims and failed to find Fatwas which ban establishing ties with the Zionist entity, asserting that the honor of Holy Kaaba rejects that those who shook hands with the Zionists preserve It.

Hezbollah Leader on who created Daesh (ISIS)
English Subtitles

al-Ahed News, 6 August 2016
Submitted by Cem Ertür 
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