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(New York, SANA) ~ Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari stressed that the first and last one who is responsible for the suffering of the Syrians are those governments which claimed that they are friends of the Syrian people, indicating that the coercive economic measures imposed on Syria have played a big role in the suffering of the Syrians.

Al-Jaafari, in a session of the UN Security Council held Monday, added that the Syrian Government is surprised by the continuation of falsifying the facts in the reports of the UN General-Secretariat on the humanitarian situation in Syria.

He added that any report by the UN should be based on neutral and credible sources and not on what is called “open sources” or the “opposition centers” abroad which are financed by foreign intelligences with a single goal which is distorting the image of the Syrian Government internationally as these reports aren’t based on any credible evidence.

Al-Jaafari indicated that these reports intentionally or unintentionally cover the crimes of the armed terrorist organizations through describing them sometimes as “armed opposition” and sometimes as “armed groups from other countries”.

He decried the General Secretariat unprecedented attempt to justify the crime of beheading the Palestinian child “Abdullah Issa” in Aleppo at the hands of the terrorist movement of “Nour Eddin al-Zinki” as the report said that the movement issued a statement in which it said that it isn’t responsible for that crime as if the report wants to say that the acts of this terrorist group of recruiting and killing children are permissible and its leaders are adhered to the international laws.

He reiterated that the solution to the crisis in Syria is a political solution based on inter-Syrian dialogue and under a Syrian leadership without any foreign interference or any preconditions and that the political track should be in line with combating terrorism and will not end till eliminating all terrorist organizations in Syria.

Al-Jaafari pointed out that the Syrian and Russian planes have never targeted the neighborhood of al-Qatirji, indicating that the Syrian child Omran about whom members of the Security Council were talking represents other Syrian children who suffered from the crisis and from the conspiracy hatched against Syria.

He cited some examples on the crimes committed by the US-led “international alliance” saying that on June 12th, the warplanes of the so-called “international alliance” shelled al-Sousa village in Deir Ezzor, killing 17 civilians including children and women and on June 26th, the French warplanes committed a similar crime by shelling Toukhan al-Kobra village in Aleppo countryside, claiming the lives of 180 civilians most of them children and women.

Al-Jaafari said that the so-called “international alliance” didn’t take permission from the Syrian Government to practice its activities in the Syrian airspace, asserting that this is an outrageous violation of the simplest principles of work of the international organization.

He added that one US raid destroyed the single power plant that supplies Aleppo with electricity whose cost was EUR 1.3 billion, adding that the victims in the Syrian cities are the civilians and that the Syrian Government is keen on the life of the Syrians, and that only the Syrians are paying the price of the terrorist war launched against Syria.

Al-Jaafari  stressed that Syria was witnessing a state of security and stability before five years and a half as it received refugees, pointing out that this image has been dramatically changed when Arab, regional and international countries met under the so called “friends of the Syrian people”, this meeting yielded the killing, destroying and displacement of the Syrian people and  plundering their resources and heritage,  sabotaging infrastructure and imposing siege.

He pointed to the devastating results left by the so-called “international alliance” which was formed under the pretext of fighting terrorism without the permission of the United Nations or the Syrian government, stressing that this alliance targeted the innocent civilians and infrastructure where the losses of the alliance’s attacks on the oil and gas establishments reached nearly USD 2 billion.

He slammed practices of the states claimed being friends of the Syrian people of opening the borders in front of the flow of tens of thousands of mercenaries and  terrorists and  recruiting them either by money or by promises of black-eyed virgins awaiting them in Paradise.

Syria’s envoy stressed that the terrorists fighting in Syria under the title of ” moderate Syrian opposition” are from a number of countries across the world, including Chechnya, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Britain, Tunisia, Turkistan, United States, Kuwait, Egypt, Belgium, Australia and Jordan.

He added that what the Syrian government, aided by its friends and allies, is doing in Aleppo city is a constitutional duty for protecting its citizens against the crimes and brutal practices of the armed terrorist organizations which breached the cessation of the hostilities agreement since the first day.

Al-Jaafari stressed that the Syrian state presents 75% of the humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people and not the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

For his parts, Representative of Venezuela called on the USA and Russia to find means of understanding to reach a permanent peace in Syria, reiterating the necessity of fighting terrorist organizations and not protecting them.

He urged the relief institutions to coordinate their works with the Syrian government in accordance with the international laws.

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