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Just yesterday, I read this story…

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The story goes on to report (in part)

Secretary of State John Kerry has lost faith in his own administration’s Syria policy, he told fifteen U.S. Congressmen in a private, off-the-record meeting, according to two of the senators who were in the room.

Kerry also said he believes the regime of Bashar al Assad is failing to uphold its promise to give up its chemical weapons according to schedule; that the Russians are not being helpful in solving the Syrian civil war; and that the Geneva 2 peace talks that he helped organize are not succeeding. But according to the senators, Kerry now wants to arm Syria’s rebels—in part, to block the local al Qaeda affiliates who have designs on attacking the U.S. (Kerry’s spokesperson denied that he raised the issue of supplying weapons, but did not dispute the overall tenor of the conversation.)

“[Kerry] acknowledged that the chemical weapons [plan] is being slow rolled, the Russians continue to supply arms, we are at a point now where we are going to have to change our strategy,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, who attended Kerry’s briefing with lawmakers on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference. “He openly talked about supporting arming the rebels. He openly talked about forming a coalition against al Qaeda because it’s a direct threat.”

Kerry’s private remarks were a stark departure from the public message he and other top Obama administration officials repeatedly have given in public. Shortly after the meeting ended, Sens. Graham and John McCain described the meeting to The Daily Beast, The Washington Post, and Bloomberg View. Given newly-released intelligence on the growing al Qaeda presence in Syria, as well as shocking new evidence of Syrian human rights atrocities, the senators said they agreed with Kerry that the time had come for the United States to drastically alter its approach to the Syrian civil war.

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This is nothing but a broken record of the past. We know this story, we know its ending, and we dont buy it. Save it for the idiots you pay to report and the few sheep who are being led to the slaughter of the FAKE Main Stream Media, but do not believe these lies will fly!





Lets take a minute to reflect on the past and remember some lies…

Al-Qaeda is a force the USA created as Hillary Clinton explains here…

 The CIA Controls Al-Qaeda…

“The lies Never Cease…” from 2 Johns…

The gross violation with these 2 Johns, Kerry and McCain are the constant lies and gross neglect in their own stories. A wise old guy once told me, “Always tell the truth, no matter what because one lie requires another and another. Before long, you will not even remember the lie you tell, and you will only look foolish in the face of truth.” I hardly think Senator John McCain or Secretary of State John Kerry, and previously, Hilary Clinton could even remember where their lies began, or better yet, when they spoke the truth!


So their plan all along was (at the very least), to destroy the infrastructure of Syria, while calling the President of Syria “not fit to lead.” Knowing all the while, not only was he fit to lead, but that he has the support of nearly 80% of all 22 million Syrians. But how would they be able to fabricate this lie, and actually sell it to the masses of people who are/were unfamiliar with the facts in Syria. I mean, before this proxy war on Syria, most couldnt even tell you where Syria was located on a map. Oh, but they can now.

The protests in Syria never started peaceful. The Syrian military didnt get involved until over 100 Syrian police were killed. Lets remember the beginning…

To attempt to control Syria, as the US wants to do, it has to convince itself, and all sheeples of the world how horrible President Bashar al-Assad is. “He is raining shells down on his own people.” Really, is that a fact (I say sarcastically). For the longest time, I listened to the white house daily press briefings repeating the same rhetoric as the 2 Johns. From my seat, it was quite amusing to to hear Patrick Ventrell, Victoria Nuland, Jen Psaki or any other cardboard stand-in spew something they were clearly lying about. I would hear them go on about what President Bashar was doing to “his people” while watching a video of the FSA actually doing it in another tab. Soon, it was not so amusing, but quite irritating.

Saudi admits to sending militants…

As this proxy war against Syria progressed into a living nightmare for Syrians, last summer the Syrian Arab Army (representing the Syrians) began to shift to the favor of the army against the US backed foreign militants (representing the Saudi/Qatar paid Jihadists). As the Syrian Arab army was making great headway through Syria, the 2 Johns knew they had to ramp things up a bit because they did not want to appear as the complete lying buffoons they are. They might as well have brought in the race card, but in this case, we’ll call it the “religion card.” “Sunnis are being slaughtered in Syria.” This would be difficult as the majority of the Syrian Arab Army, as well as the majority of Syria is Sunni (74%).

The FSA terrorists in action… WARNING! GRAPHIC!

The US and its allies doesnt give 2 shits who dies so long as they can attempt to get what they want. They dont care of the countless lives, or damage caused so long as they get what they want. The record shows their policy is “The end justifies the means.” They have proved this time and time again with their actions. They blatantly ignore international law (in any where they attack) as they feel they are immune to consequences. They may not be held accountable in international court, where they should be, but they are held accountable in the court of the peoples from all over the world. Their credibility has been destroyed in the mind of the populations everywhere, all over the world.

Bring in the RED FLAG! The chemical weapons RED LINE!

The US, along with Saudi and the Syrian National Coalition team cooked up the chemical weapons idea as this was US President Obamas red line, in hopes of getting the OK for some “strategic strikes” against the Army of Syria, the ones defending Syria against foreign mercenaries. What really happened? Can we prove who did what? I believe we can.

John Kerry and John McCain cannot go in public and speak their lies about the FSA terrorists being “good guys” or “Assad is the bad guy” any longer without being called out on their actions. Must be special to never know which nutcase you have angered enough to seek you out, especially when you anger so many. The more you lie on Syria, the more you anger the public. Even world leaders call you out.

So now that the entire chemical weapons thing blew up in your faces, and you both are proven liars, now what? Kerry is going to threaten Syria with “all previous options are on the table” because the teams responsible for moving these chemical weapons arent moving fast enough for you? Give us a break from your nauseating warmongering rhetoric! WE WANT PEACE! You are making us ALL nuts!

While you advocate for, or speak of peace for Syria, you want to send more weapons. What part of “peace” does this address? The Syrian child who just wants to return to school after 5 members of her class have been killed by militants with your weapons already? The people in the mosque killed by a suicide bomber? The people starving because militants wont let them leave the area? Give Syria a rest already! Let the brave army of Syria eliminate all foreign mercenaries so we Syrians can have our elections and decide our own fate. Let us return to peace without you threatening to rain missiles down on our heads. Its over for militants. 2014 will be the end of this conflict and Syria will again breathe the air, free of gun powder. Leave Syria alone once and for all!

For both of you Johns, this is Syria 2-February –2014, and this is who they support whether you like it or not. Whether you agree with it or not…

A special thank you to all whose videos I used.



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