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Bouthaina Shaaban

Geneva, (SANA delegate) – Presidential Political and Media Advisor, Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban stressed that the talks with the coalition delegation has made no progress.

Dr. Shaaban added, in a statement to CNN, that discussions are still going on about a joint agenda due to the rejection of the other side to discuss Geneva Communique’s items one by one in order.

Shaaban said that the other delegation,  unfortunately, came this morning and started talking about the transitional government body, while the first item on the agenda should be combating terrorism and this is why the Syrian delegation did not discuss the transitional government and continued talking about terrorism.

She added, “We said that we will discuss all points of Geneva 1 Communique, but in order and according to the interests of the Syrian people; undoubtedly the top priority for the Syrian people is stopping terrorism, and we want with the other side to put this as a primary objective and unfortunately, so far, we have not succeeded.”

Shaaban pointed out that Geneva 1 Communique includes 8 points and the start should be with the first point which is ending violence.