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 US Backed “Moderate” Rebel Force and Company


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American Arab Dr. Zaher Ihssan Badaraany

A photo posted to his wifes facebook for the 4th of July celebration in the USA.

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In my last article, I showed this president or “chairman” or whatever he calls himself of the “Syrian Future Movement,” American Arab Dr. Zaher Ihssan Badaraany. They hold meetings at the “Government House in Gaziantep, Turkey.” The “headquarters” being in Beşiktaş, Turkey, and the Syrian Future Movement house in Istanbul. In this article, I’ll show you who (he thinks) will run Syria in the future, and who some of his contacts are…

father and son

Pictured here with his father, D. Ihsan Baadarani of Damascus, Colonel Riad al-Assad (when he still had both of his legs), and Ammar al-Wawi (FSA officers).


D. Ihsan Baadarani sporting all of his “Free Syria” garbage is Zaher Ihssan Badaraany’s father. He is pictured below with President Bashar al-Assad.

with bashar

This is Zaher Ihssan Badaraany pictured with one of the biggest pieces of lying garbage to come out of Saudi. The ex-Syrian booted after a stint in jail for molesting young men, Adnan Al Arour.


Iraqi dirtbags

Zaher Ihssan Badaraany – The president of the Syrian Future Movement. And Former Iqaqi (booted for stirring trouble), Dr. Abdul Nasser al-Janabi – a member of the Sunnis & Community Shura Council (“Sunnis Consultative Council”) in Iraq – Secretary of the National Dialogue Council in Iraqi- Member of the Joint Coordinating Committee of national forces against the occupation in Iraq. And his companions Dr. Khalil Hamdani and Mr. Haj Ali al-Rawi.


This is Maher Issa Abu Jalal ( or Mahir Isa Lazkani as he is also known by), and Zaher Ihssan Badaraany.

fahed awad

This is a picture taken a while back (I believe I have this image in one of the videos I posted in part 1 of this story). It shows the above man Maher Issa Abu Jalal, and Fahed Awad. Let me just show you in this video of mine, how these 2 so called men staged a faked video of the August 2013 chemical weapons attack. You will see both of these men acting as actors. This is the people who think they are going to run Syria?

Its been clear for some time (Even from a study from MIT in the US), that the rebels could have done the chemical weapons attack, and this video proves these sleeze bags actually made a video showing chemical attacks. UN Human Rights investigator Carla del Ponte also claimed from her investigation, that the rebels used the Sarin gas.

My theory (as well as others), is that the “moderate rebels” supported by the US kidnapped many alawiite, or shia or Christians or whoever from Syria and gassed them. After all, they have been known to kidnap civilians, or military, beat them, shoot them, hang them, behead them, then blame the Syrian Arab Army of torture crimes.

Khaled Shbeeb Anas Ahmed Sweden in qatar

American Zaher Ihssan Badaraany is pictured here with his close associates, holding a meeting about Syria in Qatar. Anas Ahmed Sweden (?), has close ties with a Saudi dirtbag who LIES and “BACKBITES” (worse than lying, but speaks of someone in a way in which they wouldnt approve), while calling for “Mujahadeen” to join the fight against the sovereign nation of Syria. His lies say the Muslims are being raped and slaughtered by president Bashar al-Assad. Hopefully, the Muslims would dare listen to this raving lunatic would do their own research, and not believe a word of his deceit. He admits to his funding and arming the Jihad against Syria. I wonder why he doesnt worry about his crappy country who violates more Human Rights than any other country in the world! I think he should send ISIS to Saudi, but then, the Saudis do make up a great majority of them.

Sheikh Mohammed al-Arifi and Sheikh Saad al Shahrani dirtbag

in Qatar

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Snapshots from his trip to Qatar,  August of 2013.


Pictured here with Ghassan Hitto, the US choice to head the Syrian National Coalition.

Mr. serkan sağlam-Turkish newspaper Zaman (Zaman Gazettesi)2

His meeting with Serkan Sağlam- From the Turkish newspaper Zaman (Zaman Gazettesi). He claims the meeting lasted nearly 2 hours with a question and answer session.

Mehdi Dawood, Chairman of the Association El Nour

Mehdi Dawood, Chairman of the Association El Nour. The man in the black shirt is Khaled Kamal, also pictured in the 2 photos below.He also speaks of photographing dead Syrian soldiers. Imam with a murdering streak.

khaled kamal



He is also featured (in a US created video), as a Syrian man who was reunited with his son after the chemical weapons attack in August of 2013. Actually, his facebook page has his childrens photos, and this child is NOT one of them. Of course, by the way the child looks at the man, you can tell it was not his father. I made a video about that fake story also. He is nothing more than a lying murderer.

In this last photo, which is worth a thousand words, is this dirtbag American Arab photographed with the former US President, Bill Clinton. Funny, I smell Hillary close by! The stench is thick!

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NevaehWest, 24 Sept. 2014

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