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Ukraine Crisis News. War in Ukraine.


Three militiamen have been injured over the past 24 hours in shelling of Donetsk People’s Republic. Ukrainian military action has violated ceasefire arrangements in the war-torn region some 46 times in 24 hours, spokesman Eduard Basurinclaimed.

Shelling has been recorded near the settlements of Gorlovka, Shirokino, Spartak, Zhabichevo, Sakhanka, Lozovoye, Novaya Maryevka, Altnoye, Oktyabr, Donetsk airport and Volvo-Centre district.

A decision has been made in principle to demilitarize the village of Shirokino and to pull back medium weapons having calibresunder 100 mm has been agreed at the Contract Group level, Russia’s OSCE envoy Andrey Kelin told the media on Thursday.

“The fundamental agreement does exist. Now the details are to be looked into,” Kelin said.


The military sub-group hopes Kiev’s paramilitary entities of Nazis such as Azov, Donbass battalionswill follow accepted decisions. We aren’t so sure.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian media reported that big bad DPR militia shelled peaceful fortification facilities of Kiev’s army around town Gorlovka with MLRS Grad.

Following UNIAN report 2 Porosheko’s super soldiers are dead, 9 are injured. However, honest Ukrainian journalists have forgotten to explain why pro-Kiev military have built fortifications around DPR’s town.

The only released proof of MLRS shelling by DPR militia is this photo, therefore the most probable case is that it was Kiev’s attempt to attack in Gorlovka sector of frontline.

Two Chinese missile frigates will enter the Russian Black Sea naval base of Novorossiysk for the first time in history. They will then conduct joint exercises with Russia in the Mediterranean.

The Linyi and the Weifang will enter the port on May 8 to take part in Victory Day celebrations, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. Each is a 4,000-ton vessel of the relatively new Type 054A, which first entered service in 2007. They are accompanied by a support ship. The ships will then head to the Mediterranean for joint drills Russian-Chinese exercise Sea Cooperation-2015.The exercise will take place from May 11 to May 21.


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