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Syrian Air Defense shots down one of 4 Israeli warplanes targeting military site near Palmyra

(SANA, 17 March 2017) ~ The General Command of the Army and the Armed Forced announced on Friday that the Syrian air defense downed one of four Israeli warplanes that violated the Syrian airspace and targeted a military site in the eastern countryside of Homs.

According to a statement by the Command, the four Israeli aircrafts violated the Syrian airspace in al-Breij area through the Lebanese territories at 2:40 am.

The Israeli warplanes targeted a military site near Palmyra in the eastern countryside of Homs, said the Army’s Command, confirming that the Syria air defense forces confronted the enemy’s aircrafts and shot down one of them inside the occupied territories, hit another and forced the other two to withdraw.

“This blatant Israeli act of aggression came as part of the Zionist enemy’s persistence with supporting ISIS terrorist gangs and in a desperate attempt to raise their deteriorating morale and divert attention away from the victories which Syrian Arab Army is making in the face of the terrorist organizations,” the statement read.

It stressed the Army Command’s resolve to repel any attempt by the Zionist enemy to attack any part of the Syrian territory, affirming that any such attempt will be directly confronted with all possible means.

Syrian Arab Army Statements

(three separate posts published on 17 March 2017)

  1. Early morning today, jet identified by SyAD early warning stations as Zionists entered al-Qunaitira while unidentified jets were flying from the Jordanian airspace toward Syrian airspace.
    Syrian Air Defenses got their orders and fired number of S-200VE long-range-surface-to-air missiles before the Zionist jets conduct any strikes; the Zionist jets turned about immediately after the launch and re-entered enemy airspace.
    We do not have solid intel on what happened after, but we can assure you all that no enemy airstrikes were conducted inside Syria up till this post is written.
    We do not expect the enemy to announce any jet losses, we even expect them to use their propaganda to turn their failed attempt into a success of some sort.
  2. Enemy jets were attempting to hit the T4 air force base when the SyAD fired S-200VE missiles preventing them from accomplishing their mission.
    The Zionists had NATO SIGINT and ELINT aid from Jordanian airspace.
    So, basically, they were trying to hit a first line base against ISIS; this time they couldn’t do it directly like they did in Dair al-Zoor so they sent their “mad dog” to do it, and blame it on some excuse that there were preventing some weapons shipment to Lebanon.
    The SyAD shot down one enemy aircraft which went down in the very far North of the occupied Palestinian lands just southern on the UN-2000 blue line with Lebanon, and one was hit without confirmation on it being downed.
    PS: March 17 also marks the day when SyAD S-125 shod down a US-operated MQ-1 Predator drone over Latakia.
  3. In psychology, there is a term “Confirmation Bias” which makes the cornerstone of almost all propaganda.
    A Confirmation Bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s preexisting beliefs or hypotheses, while giving disproportionately less consideration to alternative possibilities.
    The Western propaganda made sure to show the Zionists as invincible, and their air force to be one of a kind, thus when the Syrian Military Command issued a statement confirming that at least one Zionist jet was downed last night, a lot of people turned to the confirmation bias in planted in them by Western propaganda.
    Those who are asking for a proof, let us put couple of things into perspective: first and foremost, we specified to our followers where the Zionist jet was downed, although the Syrian Ministry of Defense did not, and our followers know very well how solid our intel in almost all the times. The Zionist jet was downed in occupied Palestine, in a military location adjacent to the borders with Lebanon, thus making the wreckage disappear is as easy is saying typing this post.
    Now back to terminology, “Fog of War” is when two sides at war present their arguments, and its up to the viewers to believe which one is true, but make no mistake, a missile with 217kg warhead directly hit an aerial target while the second detonated on proximity and damaged the target; you can tell what a 217kg warhead can do to a fighter jet.
    Lastly, the Zionists fired Arrow-3 missiles to intercept one of the S-200VE missiles fired from Syria, we all saw pictures of what remained from the Arrow-3 missile, but not a single shred of the S-200VE, meaning the pictures of the missile recovered in Jordan was yet another proof of failed attempt by the Arrow-3.
    We are not defending the statement by the Syrian Ministry of Defense, we have nothing to defend. the Zionists attempted to bomb a Syrian Military HQ, a front line against ISIS, and the Syrian Air Defenses shot them down.

(Archived picture from the Syrian Ministry of Defense, Political Division of SyAAD Pantsir-S battery with STOS S-Band Search Radar).


Saudi Arabia Behind New Double Suicide Bombings; Syrian Air Defense Shoots Down Zionist Aircraft; Syrian Army Throttles ISIS At Af Academy In Aleppo; SAA Liberates Waadi Ahmar Near Palmyra; Saudis Wallowing In The Slime Of Defeat

(by Ziad Fadel, Syrian Perspective, 17 March 2017) ~ PALMYRA AREA: Do not believe the Zionist lies. Their aircraft were not targeting a convoy of trucks carrying ground-to-ground missiles bound for Hizbollah bases in the Lebanon.

In fact, the bombers were targeting Syrian Army operations near Palmyra, specifically those having to do with removal of rats from oil and gas fields which ISIS desperately needs to keep its cash flow viable.

4 Zionist F-16s took off from Occupied Palestine at approximately 2:35 a.m. and flew into Syrian airspace at about 2:40 a.m. right over the town of Al-Burayj. SAA radar picked up the jets and orders were issued to track them.

When the F-16 rat pilots saw that they were being pursued, they called off the operation fearing a crash on Syrian soil and returned toward Occupied Palestine. Just as they were about to enter Zionist occupied airspace over the Galilee, 2 SA-5 (“Gammon” or S-200) anti-aircraft missiles were fired with one striking the lead bomber and the other exploding near another. The rodent pilots were able to eject safely and landed in Palestine.

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah slams Israeli airstrikes in Syria

Secretary General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah hit out at Israeli airstrikes in Syria during an address from Beirut, Saturday. Four Israeli jets breached Syrian airspace to bomb alleged military sites near the ancient city of Palmyra in the early hours of Friday, leading Syria to activate its air defence system. According to the Syrian army, two Israeli jets were struck, with one shot down over the Israeli occupied section of the Golan Heights.

Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah (Arabic): “Today, this prepared and occupational project has failed, and Syria has won; yet still waiting for the great victory. ISIS is on its way to demise, as will as al-Nusra and all terrorist Takfiri factions, it is only a matter of time, even the whole countries who previously supported, financed and were allied to them, now are abandoning them and even fighting them! Because the magic has now turned on the magician!”

Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah (Arabic): “And of course, Israel comes up every now and then with fake excuses to interfere with Syrian issues, sometimes for hitting Hezbollah weapons – like what they claimed last week – or sometimes with another excuse like a shell explosion in al-Julan or something like that, thus they start interfering and bombing several sites of the Syrian army in Syrian territories, providing by that the required support for ISIS or any terrorist factions.”

Video ID: 20170318 050
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Syria: 2 Israeli aircraft downed in Golan Heights
(13 September 2016)

Syria ‘Broke The Equation’ by Firing at Israeli Jets: Analyst
al-Manar, 17 March 2017

Les messages de la riposte syrienne
Press TV, 18 mars 2017


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Syrian Arab Army statements
SyrianPerspective, Ziad Fadel
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