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Syrian Arab Army units, in cooperation with the backup forces, established full control over al-Sukhneh city, 70 km northeast of Palmyra in the eastern countryside of Homs province after launching intensive operations against ISIS terrorist organizations.

A military source told SANA Saturday that large numbers of ISIS terrorists were killed and their weapons and equipment were destroyed in the army operations.

The source added that the army units, in cooperation with the backup forces, continued their operations to ensure safety of the surrounding area and hunted the terrorists who fled away.

Meanwhile, the engineering units dismantled the mines and explosive devices planted by the terrorists inside the residential buildings and streets, according to the source.

Combat Cam: Syrian Arab Army in full control of Sokhna in eastern Homs countryside


Army units, in cooperation with the backup forces, continued successful operations in the depths of al-Badyia desert and conducted a night air drop 20 km behind the fronts of the ISIS terrorist organization to the south of al-Kadir town between Raqqa and Homs.

The army’s successful airdrop contributed to the advancement of the army units and the backup forces 21km to establish full control over Khirbet Makman and al-Kadir town, and to the advancement 12 km to the southeast of Raqqa to establish control over Bei al-Rahoum village.

Huge numbers of the ISIS terrorists were killed in the operations, in addition to destroying 3 tanks, 17 machinegun-equipped vehicles and 7 cars rigged with explosives and two tanks and a number of artillery pieces were seized, the source said.


Syria Arab Army Command calls on residents of towns in Raqqa southern countryside to return to their homes

The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces called on the residents of the towns of Shenan, al-Sabkha and Jabli in the southern countryside of Raqqa to return to their homes on Thursday after the Syrian Arab Army have restored security and stability to those areas.

“The General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces calls on the citizens of the towns of Shenan, Sabkha and Jabli in the southern countryside of Raqqa to return to their homes and farms as of 10/8/2017 after the restoration of security and stability to them,” the Command said in a statement on Wednesday.

Over the past few weeks, the army units have restored security and stability to a number of villages and towns in the southern countryside of Raqqa, retaking dozens of oil and gas wells and managing to liberate about 30 km from the southern bank of the Euphrates River in a new military achievement in terms of cutting off ISIS supply routes between Raqqa and Deir Ezzor in order to break the siege on thousands of civilians who are trapped in Deir Ezzor.


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Syrian & Russian Military Reports, 12 August 2017
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