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ISIL Court Judge

In an interview with a foreign militant/judge in a Sharia/Islamic court established by al-Qaeda’s the “Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant” (ISIL) in the city of Dana in the Idlib province.

He discusses how he thinks Islamic courts are superior to civil courts and how the implementation of Sharia is something that people “long for” and solves problems of rampant crimes, such as cursing God, according to him. He also says that cases are quicker to settle in Islamic courts than in conventional civil courts.

Eretz Zen Report and Video

Really Mr militant? Is this the “Freedom” you want to impose on Syrians who have the freedom to make their own choices? Your logic shows that of a sick mind, and a sick mindset. Your freedom is what drives those who believe away from you.

First you lie. You are “backbiting.”

Second, cases are quicker because they are not fair. You impose your will and oppress the people. You torture confessions out of people. A confession this way is not a just confession, it is merely an end to the pain you impose on others. This is not a true rule of law, it is control.

If people follow you out of fear, they do follow out of love. This means they are not loyal to you. People will die for who they are loyal to, not those they are not.

You would do good to remember this…