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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said there are a lot of persons who want to bury Annan’s Plan before being born, and opposition powers seek foreign interference, pointing out that these powers hinder Annan’s plan.

During a press conference held on Thursday April the 19th 2012 in Brussels and broadcast by Russia Today TV, Lavrov underlined that withdrawing the Arab observers from Syria is wrong, adding ” When the Arab observers held the armed opposition responsible for a big part of the events, they were withdrawn.”

He pointed out that the Syrian Government is shouldering the greatest responsibility in maintaining the security, stability and sovereignty of the country, yet it will not be able to do that if the international community doesn’t ask all parts to ceasefire and give the international observers a chance and move to the political dialogue.

Lavrov continued to say, ” All those who have effect on the armed opposition powers should ask them to stop these sorts of acts,” pointing out that Russia exerted great efforts in this regard and met repeatedly with different Syrian protesters, wondering why do Gulf countries do that?”

“We have clear data that armed members and armed opposition figures are being supplied with weapons, equipment and money by other countries,” Lavrov said, wondering if it is normal that no one condemned the Damascus and Aleppo blasts!
He clarified that Russia is talking with the Syrian leadership clearly about what it should do, but it doesn’t mean that it could follow because the situation on the ground differs, adding that the USA, France, Britain, Turkey and the Arab Gulf countries seek to foil whatever supports Annan’ plan.”

The Russian Foreign Minister stressed that the Security Council should adopt what will be issued by the UN observers not by the group of the so-called Friends of Syria, adding” they say they will evaluate how the Syrian leadership is implementing Annan’s plan, which is unacceptable.”

” We are quite sure that we do our best to provide a ceasefire in Syria and support Annan’s plan because the situation is not stable there, as provocative powers should be eliminated and international observers will go to Syria and it is supposed to maintain their security, a thing it is consulting with other experts about,” Lavrov said.

“I have already identified a five-point- plan with Arab Foreign Ministers in a special meeting in Cairo, on top of which, the point of non-military intervention in Syria, and then I knew that the Qatari Foreign Minister said a military intervention in Syria should be supported after I left the meeting.. I didn’t understand this stance,” Lavrov clarified.


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